Apartment in the spotlight - Denia expat home with great views

Denia expat home by Globexs

Apartment in the spotlight - Denia expat home with great views

Digital nomads, expats and remote workers, come and live in Denia for a few months!

Denia is not a major foreign tourist spot but in many ways, it is very much what foreigners are looking for in Spain. And with foreigners, I mean expats, retirees, remote workers, digital nomads, and of course tourists. Basically, I am talking about everybody that is looking for "SPAIN", whether that is for a very short term (tourists), a medium-term (digital nomads), a long-term (expats), or even for the rest of their lives (retirees).

globexs denia expat home

Denia represents everything that makes "SPAIN" so attractive, without losing its Spanish identity and selling its soul for British pounds. In fact, Denia is nothing like the tourism hubs of Benidorm or Torrevieja: Spanish, and not English or German, is the first language you hear when strolling the streets of the old city centre. Denia is true, authentic, surprising, and above all, very Spanish. And that is why we like it so much.

OK, now that we all agree that Denia is one of the best places to spend a few months on the Costa Blanca, let's focus on where to stay in Denia. Globexs proudly presents the perfect Denia expat home with extraordinary views.

Every digital nomad likes working with a view

How about this view ladies and gentlemen, fellow digital nomads? How about working on your articles, software programming, translations, blog posts, etc. from this terrace?

Denia expat home with a view

You are not directly facing the Mediterranean but the Denia castle and the beautifully coloured houses of the Denia historical centre. Turn your head 45 degrees to the left and you overlook the marina and the port from where the ferry to Mallorca sets off. The terrace is so relaxing and comfortable that remote workers should be able to reach high levels of productivity. Am I right?

Luxury duplex apartment with amazing views of Denia

Other than the best terrace in town this Denia expat home offers an extremely high comfort level.

Denia expat home duplex

It is a 4th-floor duplex apartment with 3 bedrooms, in total 6 beds, all equipped with the best Resuinsa branded hotel linen. There are in total 3 bathrooms in the apartment.

globexs Denia expat homes

The kitchen is fully equipped including dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, etc. And tenants can use the underground car park.

Quality on prime location

The location of the apartment is amazing. Plaza Benidorm is a popular square with lots of food & drinks outlets. The apartment has direct access to the beach and the marina.

denia expat home with beach access

A walk around the Denia Marina relaxes the busiest minds: the bars and restaurants give the best of themselves every day of the year with live music and quality food at affordable prices. And hey, why not jump on the Mallorca ferry if you are curious about visiting that part of Spain for a few days.

denia expat home view

Who can rent this apartment?

The apartment that we present is the perfect Denia expat home. The apartment is perfectly equipped to host roaming remote workers, digital nomads, and expats who spend a couple of months in Denia. The apartment offers the full Globexs experience in a very nice authentic Spanish beach town. We like to rent this apartment for stays of minimum 1 month, maximum 5. This is the average time digital nomads tend to stay in one place.

How to get to Denia?

Well, you have options. Denia is exactly halfway between Alicante and Valencia. Both the Alicante "El Altet" airport and the Valencia "Manises" airport are about 1 hour away drive. Unfortunately, Denia has no train station and the bus takes a while, so the best thing to do rent a car. Around the corner from the apartment is a car rental company, so you could pick up a car at the airport and deliver it at the apartment. Or of course, you can use one of the many companies that offer airport transfers to and from Valencia or Alicante airport.

How to book your Denia expat home?

If you are all excited and curious about Denia and this apartment we kindly invite you to contact us. We would be pleased to go over the price and terms and conditions with you. Obviously, this apartment is cheaper to rent in winter than in summer, but even in summer, the rent is very reasonable.

The Globexs Experience

Expat and employee mobility at its best is how we would describe this apartment in our own Globexs language. Globexs is the reference for service and quality regarding temporary rentals and Spain relocation assistance. We guarantee the authentic Globexs Experience. Click below to apply for this Denia expat home or contact us for more information.  

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