Covid 19 – Valencia

Updates of restrictions in Valencia, Spain

LAST UPDATE: 27.12.2021

To combat the coronavirus, the city of Valencia has decided to introduce a covid passport. When do you need to show this and where? We discuss this below.

Covid passport

From December 26th you will have to show your covid passport. This applies to:

  • Hospitals
  • Public and private residences
  • Closed and open places where food and beverage service is provided, by a business company (catering, self-service…).
  • Gym
  • Casino and bingo halls where food is served
  • Events such as weddings, festivals, communions,…
  • Cinemas, multifunctional halls, circuses and festive venues, where during the performance, activity or use of the premises, food or drink service is provided by a hotel and catering establishment, by a business company (catering, self-service ….), by the organisation’s own means, or where food or drink is consumed by the people themselves.
  • Indoor music festivals and outdoor music festivals where permanent use of face masks is not feasible.

To access these venues you will have to prove that you are fully vaccinated, had a negative PCR test within 72 hours or a negative antigen test within 48 hours. A recovery certificate is also valid if you recovered from Covid in the past six months. 

The Covid passport can be presented on paper as well as on a mobile. However, it always has to be presented with proof of identity. This restriction will be in place until January 31st.

The aim is to limit access by the unvaccinated to closed venues or locations where maintaining social distance is more difficult.

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