Dealing with the trafico-administration in Valencia

We make an appointment for you and assist you all the way

Are you an expat living in Valencia, and you have a car? If the answer is yes, you will crash with the Trafico-administration in Valencia sooner or later. Good news, we can help: We make an appointment for you at “Trafico” and assist you all the way, in English. 

REMEMBER: You need to change your foreign driving license to a Spanish one if you spend more than 6 months in Spain. And you cannot drive around with foreign license plates for more than 6 months. 

Dealing with the Trafico-administration in Valencia can be a nightmare. Even the first step (obtaining an appointment) drive many expats nuts. At Globexs we have years of experience dealing with Trafico-administration in Valencia and we offer efficient solutions.

Send us an email to or click the “contact” botton. Tell us what your situation is and we reply within 24h with the exact price for your solution. It is going to be cheaper than a consultation with a psychiatrist…;)

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