Apartments near the beach in Valencia

Living by the beach in Valencia with Globexs

More and more digital nomads and expats that walk into the Globexs office are asking for rental near the beach. And not only in summer. That is not a coincidence because especially the Cabañal area is getting increasingly popular amongst expats and foreign investors. More and more expats (and locals) are choosing to Live by the beach in Valencia.

The beach in Valencia

Valencia has a huge coastline made up of seven beaches. The port area is for sailing enthusiasts, providing with jet skiing, windsurfing, kite-surf activities, beach-bars, and really everything a typical resort would have, but with the upshot of being only ten minutes away from the city center. People who consider Living by the beach in Valencia basically have the choice between 2 areas, both of them located in the North of the port: Malvarrosa and Cabañal. Just in the city outskirts, approaching the neighbouring town of Alboraya, there are 2 more beach areas: La Patacona and Portsaplaya.

El Cabañal

Definitely, without any doubt, the most interesting beach area in Valencia (including Alboraya) is Cabañal. El Cabanyal is Valencia's fishermen's quarter, a popular neighbourhood in the Eastern part of the city, very near La Malvarrosa, Valencia's main beach.

Traditionally El Cabanyal was Valencia´s port, its houses are unique, locals are proud of their neighbourhood; and for only one day every year, the old houses are open to the public so you can get to feel the Cabanyal´ sensation, and how life was back in the 60s. With recent investment by the local government in tourism, many of the streets have been pedestrianized and new bars and coffee shops are opening every week. It has become a great new area for tourists and locals alike; the streets are clean and free of traffic. Lifestyle is relaxed, food is great, and the soft sea breeze gives the whole area a defining touch.

Read more about El Cabañal in the Blue Key blog.

Pescadores - a beautiful Globexs expat rental near the beach

At Globexs we are proud to present the Pescadores apartment: the latest addition to our portfolio of expat rentals in Valencia near the beach

The apartment is absolutely beautiful, completely renovated in 2018. 

  • An authentic building, typically Cabañal
  • Original flooring
  • 2 bedrooms, total capacity 4 people
  • 1 of the bedrooms is integrated into the living room, separated with a curtain
  • Dishwasher
  • Washing machine
  • Fully equipped and modern kitchen
  • Modern bathroom
  • Access to the roof terrace with great views
  • Corner apartment with lots of natural light

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