The concept of Coliving in Valencia for digital nomads and teleworkers

Coliving spaces in Valencia

Nowadays, many digital nomads don’t share houses to save a few euros, but they prefer to be surrounded by an inspiring community of like-minded professionals. We see the same trend in Valencia.

Sharing a home has always been the first step to independence for millions of young people. The coliving concept goes one step further than flatsharing: It is a modern form community living concept whereby young professionals move in with like-minded people, sharing service costs and benefiting from flexible rental terms.

The biggest value of joining a coliving is access to a community that designed to exchange knowledge, and provide traction to innovative ideas and creativity. Learn more about the coliving concept.

Palma Coliving

Palma coliving was the first coliving space that Globexs partnered with. We were impressed by the design of their spaces. It is spacious yet cosy and tasteful. There are loads of corners and places where you can get your work done. This place inspires and connects people without a doubt!

From now on you can colive in Valencia with like-minded people in a creative and inspiring environment. Check out the first Globexs coliving space in Valencia: Palma Coliving.

The concept of Coliving

This is what the concept of coliving in Valencia offers you

Perfecto 2 - Lovely coliving home for expats in Valencia

Communal spaces with chill & relaxation area

We offer fully equipped facilities with design furniture and quality bedding. Living in a positive environment is more important than ever. 

coliving valencia

Events program

Coliving offers weekly events to boost your own and professional development. Encourage your social life and productivity through mastermind sessions, brainstormings, fitness activities, networking, meditation, yoga classes,…

Perfecto 2 - Lovely coliving home for expats in Valencia

Fully-furnished private rooms

There are spacious workspaces including efficient equipment. Every home has separate Skype rooms so you can work unbothered. 

Perfecto 2 - Lovely coliving home for expats in Valencia

Terraces & BBQ

On the terraces and bbqs you will share local foods, beverages, music, ideas, cultures… with local people! What else do you need to have a great artistic and social experience? Networking has never been easier.

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Similar homes

Facebook group "Expats living and working in Valencia"

We are pleased to present this platform where expats in Valencia can help each other. The Facebook group “Expats living and working in Valencia” has thousands of members and is the meeting spot for newly arrived and established expats living and working in Valencia. The community was created to help expats help each other.

Moving to Valencia

Coliving: a great community concept for digital nomads

Digital nomads usually gathers in coworking spaces, while renting a private AIRBNB or GLOBEXS apartment. However, recently we notice that many digital nomads do not only want to work together, they also want to live together. Indeed, the concept of COLIVING is gaining traction in Valencia, as well as in other countries and cities all over the globe.

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Digital nomads in Spain

Globexs is the first relocation company specialized in providing a flexible housing solution to digital nomads in Spain. 

Indeed, a lot happened since 1980 when Dolly Parton released the song 9 to 5, and more and more people are trying to avoid the standard 9-5 model of work. In fact, by 2035 there will be an estimated 1 billion of digital nomads roaming the planet.