Digital nomads in Spain count on Globexs

Digital Nomads – being location independent and changing the work routines

Have you ever thought about working while exploring new countries and cultures? Do you constantly search for new inspirations to be more productive and creative at your work? Are you conscious of how important it is to provide good quality results? Are you responsible? If your answers to these questions is ‘yes’ then read more about digital nomads, a new work culture that is growing fast.

Digital nomad reflects on how technology has progressively changed our way of working. Fax machines, desktop computers, messengers, text messages and ordinary mail has been mostly replaced with laptops, conference calling programs, WhatsApp and emailing (just to give few examples). Thanks to technology it’s not necessary to jump into a air plane so frequently to attend business meetings. For client meetings in any of the six continents of the World we just need to download a easy to use conference call program, have a internet connection and a laptop or smartphone. The World can be reached just with couple of fingertips!

Globexs accommodates digital nomads in Spain

During the past years at Globexs we have noted how this new movement is increasing its popularity in Spain and Belgium. Each month we receive more housing requests from expats and digital nomads, to whom we are prepared to give great solutions for renting quality housing. Globexs apartment and flat renting is based on one-stop-shopping: we offer all-inclusive monthly fees that includes gas, water, electricity and even the internet connections. We make the adaptation process for the digital nomads and expats nice and easy. By renting one of our apartments you only need to worry to bring your tech tools and your clothes in the luggage. Without interruption, you can start working virtually, share you documents and organise conference calls from the first day you enter to the apartment. The only difference is that your location and environment has changed. Oh yes and you may want to pay a quick visit to the local grocery store to fill up the fridge.


This is what the people behind Globekick think about Globexs (Russ Briscoe).

I am a business owner who looks for consistency & quality when placing professional workers for months at a time in the European cities where we operate. Finding and working with Globexs has had a hugely positive impact on my ability to successfully coordinate these logistics. The Globexs team has provided such a level of quality in Valencia that we're looking to expand our relationship into different cities where they operate. The team is very professional, responsive, highly capable ... and fun! They're a great group of people to work with on the various apartment projects I've had cause to secure..”


Don´t hesitate and start your digital nomads lifestyle. Start using online and offline meetups and working from co-working places and apartments all over the world. You might miss your family and friends in the beginning, but quickly you will notice that the world is not so big at the end, you just need to use the right tools to bring everything more closer and accessible. Get inspired ands start crossing the borders! Back your tech tools and your clothes and look for a new destination where to work. To improve you Spanish skills why not start from a popular Globexs location Valencia.