Hard Rock Café uses Globexs for housing in Valencia

The Hard Rock Café and its umbrella company Hard Rock International (HRI) is an iconic brand; it is present in 75 countries, with 176 cafes, 24 hotels and 11 casinos. With its most recent opening in Valencia, Spain, Hard Rock were looking for turnkey solutions to their accommodation needs for their staff who frequently relocate to assist with human resources and planning in the opening of a new restaurant. In their words:

“Hard Rock has a tremendous brand. We're a global brand. We've been around for thirty years. A part of the reason we've been around for such a long time, I like to think, is that we've taken a lot of care and attention in looking at the markets we should expand into, and it is a very critical pursuit because it really underwrites and underpins the future success of the Hard Rock brand.”

The Process

When Hard Rock open a franchise, a process is implemented and staff are relocated to the local area to research the location, manage legal and administrative challenges, find reliable, local construction services, and open the restaurant. This involves a huge amount of detail and manpower and is variable in every territory. The customer experience in every Hard Rock café must remain consistent and the level of detail is exacting.

The Challenge

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain with a regional government and various independent local property laws. Valencia’s recent investment has grown the brand of the city worldwide and it quickly is becoming one of the hottest places for high-end tourism in Spain, hence Hard Rock’s interest. To open the restaurant, Hard Rock needed to accommodate 25 full time staff in Valencia for 6 weeks. The staff would need proximity to the location and access to amenities, legal advice, alongside comfort essentials such as air conditioning, food delivery and individual showers. Hard Rock’s processes in opening new restaurants involves research into the local area and the market. At Globexs we have an established presence in Valencia, we are able to provide highly central accommodation and we can also offer essential local advice to the staff.

The Strategy

Due to the elongated length of the stay, we felt that furnished apartments would be a better option to give the staff a feeling of home when they finished their long hours. Globexs has hundreds of apartments available in Valencia and we selected our most centric apartments to give the Hard Rock staff a shorter journey to the location of the restaurant, and also a better experience of the centre of the city. Our apartments are fully furnished with a cleaning service. All the necessities for a corporate relocation are provided, towels, linens, fridge-freezer, kitchens utensils, and we are always responsive to specific requests.

The Results

The staff were incredibly happy with the location and quality of the apartments. We have received great feedback and we feel a measure of pride in our response to the challenge of relocating the staff and taking away the headache of finding suitable accommodation for a short time. Daily requests were made and we were in constant contact throughout the duration of the contract, and any issues were solved quickly, making the staff feel more at home and able to focus on the job in hand at the location of the restaurant.

At Globexs we are happy to know that our professionalism and our ability to provide not only suitable and comfortable accommodation, but also turnkey services that helped to pull together a complicated project on the part of The Hard Rock Cafe.

We have global solutions for corporate short and long-term relocation requirements. If you would like any advice or have any futher questions please contact us.