Make your appartment attractive

Prepare your apartment for expat rentals

Globexs helps you rent your apartment to expats.

Requirements for expat rentals

If you want to rent your apartment to expats it needs to meet a few requirements:

  • location: the apartment needs to be in a safe and convenient location with parking facilities
  • fully furnished, including bed linen and towels (can be purchased in our shop)
  • all expenses included: Water, electricity, gas, wifi bills are included in the rental price.

An efficient and realistic presentation

Most expats choose their new home online. They use specialized websites like and make a choice based on the pictures and the videos they see online. Therefore an attractive (but honest) presentation is crucial. To start with, the pictures published must be real and not manipulated. Manipulated pictures only lead to frustrations and disappointments. The best way to present your apartment is using a virtual tour. Globexs has partnered with a specialized company Stage2Sell. Stage2Sell is a specialized company that helps you present your apartment to potential customers, in a realistic and very efficient way.

Virtual tour

A virtual tour is the best way to present your apartment. The expats can walk through your apartment and see every detail of every room.


A dollhouse presentation is a 3D presentation of the layout of your apartment.

expat rentals


A 2D floorplan shows the exact layout of your apartment.

expat rental floorplan

Globexs help you prepare your apartment for expat rentals

Together with Stage2Sell, we offer the possibilities to the apartment owner to present their apartment in a realistic and efficient way to potential tenants. 

  • virtual tour
  • dollhouse
  • floorplan
  • a selection of professional pictures

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The Globexs Experience

Contact us if you need any advice or have any questions about expat rentals and how to rent your apartment to expats. Globexs is the reference for service and quality regarding temporary rentals and relocation assistance. We guarantee the authentic Globexs Experience. Click below to apply for an apartment or contact us for more information.  

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