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Temporary rentals in antwerp for expats

Temporary rentals in Antwerp for expats and companies

At Globexs we are specialized in temporary rentals in Antwerp (and many other cities) for foreign companies. In Antwerp, we rent apartments to companies that are looking for a very specific kind of housing: short-term, flexible, and affordable accommodation for their expats and workers.

In Antwerp, there is a lot of demand for temporary housing and Globexs, as one of the first providers of flexible accommodation, has become the reference in the business of temporary rentals in Antwerp. Globexs is known for offering a wide variety of apartments and an excellent customer service. We understand that flexibility is what our customers are looking for. Flexibility in terms of offering the right apartment at the right time, and flexibility in terms of rental contracts and conditions.

Globexs Antwerp works with many different kinds of companies and expats: Multinationals in the port and their foreign subcontractors, project managers, professional football players, film crews, artists, digital nomads, etc…. All these people are looking for specific temporary rentals in Antwerp.

At Globexs we offer the following types of temporary rentals in Antwerp:


At Globexs we offer a wide range of luxury rentals in the city centre, mostly in combination with private parking. Our luxury apartments are specifically designed and decorated to provide a high level of luxury and comfort. Optionally we offer a weekly or monthly cleaning service.


Our standard apartments are mid-range, affordable 1 or 2 bedrooms in the centre of Antwerp, or just outside the city centre, in neighbourhoods such as Wilrijk, Berchem or Borgerhout. These apartments are perfect for families that are being relocated to Antwerp for a few months.


For foreign companies that send a crew of workers to Antwerp, we offer a specific type of housing. These apartments are usually located outside the city centre where parking is easier or free, and where there is easy access to the Antwerp Ringroad. These apartments usually have 2-3 bedrooms and single beds only.

Globexs is the reference for service and quality regarding temporary rentals in Antwerp for foreign companies. We guarantee the authentic Globexs Experience.

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