we are hiringGlobexs is a service company for expats, digital nomads, and companies that send employees abroad. We are dedicated to making global mobility more efficient, more effective, and above all more comfortable. We offer a 1-stop solution to expats moving to a new destination. Our service package consists of 

We operate in 5 countries (Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium and Holland), and for our headoffice in Valencia we are looking for 2 new colleagues; Awesome colleagues... So if you think you are awesome enough please get in touch.


Basically your job is to make foreigners feel welcome in Valencia. The Globexs office and coworking space is a meeting point for foreigners in Valencia. Our customers are expats, digital nomads and foreign companies seeking relocation assistance. Your job is make sure that our customers are attended in a friendly and efficient way. Your telephone and communication skills are outstanding. You will also operate as the personal assistance of the Globexs immigration lawyer and will be doing administration tasks.

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You will be incorporated in our rental department. Your job is to match requests from customers to the right apartment (owners). You will be mainly dealing with requests for Barcelona, Madrid and Basque Country, but you will also be supporting the team that handles the bookings for Valencia and Antwerp.

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Are you awesome?

At Globexs we are passionate about global mobility. We believe that everyone should be an expat, remote worker, digital nomad, erasmus student.... at least for a brief period in their lives. We believe that global mobility brings people together. We believe that embracing global mobility is the best way to improve the world around us. If you share our values and the international Globexs spirit we would like to get to know you. If you feel that one of the 2 above job openings is perfect for you, please send us an email and your CV to: info@globexs.com.

Globexs affiliate program

Since Globexs was founded in 2002, we have developed some very strong and productive long-term relationships with introducers of clients (often referred to as affiliates). Affiliates are companies or individuals who provide us with leads. Affiliates might be former clients, estate agents, lawyers, property portals or anyone else who may recommend our services to potential Globexs customers. Our company has grown steadily throughout the economic crisis and one of the main reasons for this is that we look after our affiliates and we are always looking for new affiliates to collaborate with.

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Globexs is the industry reference for rentals for expats and digital nomads in Belgium and Spain. Click below to learn more about us or contact us for more information.  

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