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Since Globexs was founded in 2002, we have developed some very strong and productive long-term relationships with introducers of clients (often referred to as affiliates). Affiliates are companies or individuals who provide us with leads.

Affiliates might be former clients, estate agents, lawyers, property portals or anyone else who may recommend our services to potential Globexs customers.

Our company has grown steadily throughout the economic crisis and one of the main reasons for this is that we look after our affiliates and we are always looking for new affiliates to collaborate with.

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For which services we pay commissions to our affiliates?

We pay commissions to affiliates that provide us with customers that use Globexs for the following services:

Rentals: furnished apartments for expats

Globexs rents apartments to expats in Belgium, Holland, France, Portugal and Spain. Affiliates that provide us with tenants receive a commission. This commission is a % (*) of the Globexs agency fee. On the other hand, we are always looking for new owners that want to rent out their apartment with Globexs. Affiliates that bring us in touch with new home owners receive a % (*) of the Globexs profit margen for all bookings in the first 12 months of the collaboration.

Relocation & Immigration services

Globexs is a relocation specialist. We are lawyers and help foreigners relocate to Valencia. We are specialized in NIE-numbers, residencies, non-lucrative visa’s, golden visa’s, work permits, etc. We also assist foreigners with schools, driving licenses, car registrations, insurances, etc. Affiliates receive a commission of …% (*) of the Globexs fees.

Property Management

Under the brand Nestor Investments, Globexs offers property management services to home owners in Valencia. Our PM services consist of: AIRBNB concierge, management of holiday homes (check-in, check-out, cleaning, etc.), maintenance, linen change, general cleaning of. Affiliates receive a commission of …% (*) of the Globexs fees.

Legal assistance for the purchase of a property in Valencia

We are lawyers. Under the brand Blue Key Investments, Globexs offers legal assistance to foreigners that want to buy a property in Valencia. We offer a customized and standard packages to investors. Affiliates receive a commission of …% (*) of the Globexs fee.

We have level 1, level 2 and level 3 affiliates.

The higher the level, the higher the commissions. Affiliates automatically move to a superior level if they bring in more customers. The minimum pay-out is 50€.

Level 1 – Every affiliate starts as a level 1-affiliate

Level 2 – At the moment an affiliate has generated 1.000€ commission he becomes automatically a level 2 affiliate, and starts making higher commissions.

Level 3 – At the moment an affiliate has generated 25.000€ commission he becomes automatically a level 3 affiliate, and starts making the highest commissions.

Very easy!

Affiliates provide us with leads in 2 different ways: Via our tracking system that monitors online enquiries, of via a personal introduction.

Tracking system

Most of our affiliates have a blog or a website and place a Globexs link or banner on their site. When somebody clicks on the link or banner he will be redirected to the Globexs website. When this person fills out an online form on our website, the traffic is monitored, and the user will be automatically assigned to the affiliate. When this user ends up contracting a Globexs service the correct commission will be assigned to the affiliate.

Personal introduction

Affiliates can personally introduce potential customers to Globexs. In this case the customer will be manually assigned to the affiliate.

Why affiliates like Globexs

Through experience we have developed a clear understanding of exactly what affiliates are looking for from us. Here are some reasons why affiliates appreciate working with Globexs:

Join the Globexs affiliate program

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