A Globexs partner property explained

What is a Globexs partner property?

The difference between a Globexs property and a partner property

Properties published on globexs.com

On the Globexs website there are several types of properties published

Most of the published properties are “Globexs-properties”. Some of the published properties are “partner-properties”. If you have selected a partner properties it will be clearly mentioned in the description of the apartment.
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What is the difference between a Globexs property and a partner property?

Globexs properties are housing facilities of which the booking process is managed by Globexs. Partner properties are housing facilities that are fully managed by a third party, a Globexs partner.

In other words: A booking in a Globexs property is managed by Globexs. A booking in a partner apartment is managed by the Globexs partner.

If you click on a partner property you leave the Globexs website and you land on the partner’s website. From that moment on you deal directly with our partner if you were to book the property.

However, if you are a company that needs several apartments and/or a company invoice we recommend you to click on “Apply for a rental” and you will be attended by a Globexs staff member. 

The booking process for a Globexs property and a partner property is different

If you book a Globexs property your booking is subject to our general terms and conditions. You are likely to pay an agency fee and a linen fee (why?). You enjoy the Globexs experience and a Globexs account manager is your contact person during your stay. 

If you book a partner property you are dealing directly with our partner, outside the Globexs platform. At Globexs we have no control over the booking process and/or the property you booked. Globexs has no liability and the booking is subject to the terms and conditions of the partner. 


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The rental processes in both the Globexs properties and the partner properties are specifically designed to make life easy for people who move abroad. No hassle rentals: We deliver trust and confidence. We help expats and digital nomads find a home abroad.

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