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Expats in Navarra

Navarra, in the north of Spain, bordering France and Aragón, has a population of around 650.000, with over a third in the capital city of Pamplona.

navarra expats

Before moving to Navarra, it’s suggested that you learn some simple Basque phrases. It’s one of the four territories that make up Spain’s Basque Country. Basque is widely spoken in the northwest part of the region. Spanish is the language of the south, and you’ll find a mixture of the two spoken in and around Pamplona.

Around 70,000 of the people living in Navarra are foreign residents, making up 11% of the region’s population. This is slightly higher than the national average. House prices in Navarra are on a par with the national average and are rising, as well as the rental prices in Pamplona.

san fermin pamplona globexsUnemployment in Navarra is around 10%, which is lower than the national average (15%). The Volkswagen plant near Pamplona is a significant employer but recently there are career opportunities in teaching, rural tourism, and in the field of renewable energy. Navarra is known for being eco-friendly (it’s an area almost self-sufficient in renewable energy creation). The area is almost self-sufficient in renewable energy creation via its network of wind turbines.

Navarra is of course also famous for its jaw-dropping San Fermin festival, put on the map by Ernest Hemingway (the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona). Navarra has much more to offer than bullfighting, however, although it has not played such an important part in Spanish history as neighbouring regions such as Aragón. Navarra is an area of contrasts, ranging from the mountains and fertile valleys of the north to the dry, dusty landscapes of the south. Pamplona was once voted the autonomous capital with the best quality of life in Spain. 

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