What do we do?

We are a worldwide relocation company

Globexs (GLOBAL EXPATRIATE SERVICES SL) is a service company for digital nomads, expats and companies that relocate staff. We offer relocation services to traveling expats, and property management services to apartment owners. Our headoffice is based in Valencia, Spain, but we have agents all over Europe and the Americas. We give a worldwide service. Whereever you are relocating to we can help you with the services as stated below.

Temporary furnished rentals

We offer fully equipped short stay rental apartments for digital nomads, expats, and interesting hotel deals for business travellers. Are you an expat? Did you company send you abroad to work, or are you a self employed professional on a foreign assignment? The first concern you have to deal with is accommodation. Regardless of the length of your stay Globexs will help you find affordable short term rental accommodation, completely furnished. Read more.

Immigration legal assistance

Globexs assists you with relocation legal assistance and visa applications. A Globexs lawyer helps you with immigration processes and other legal matters related to moving abroad. The paperwork and administration can be very complex. Read more. Read more about Tiscar Navarro, GM of Globexs and specialized immigration lawyer.

Global expatriate services

We want you to enjoy your expat experience. Globexs stands for "Global Expatriate Services". At Globexs we understand the challenges that newly arrived expats face at their new destination. Other than temporary rentals and legal assistance we offer a wide range of relocation services. Read more

Webshop for expats

Expats can shop online in our specialized webshop where they can buy indispensable items for their new home: bedlinens, bathlinens, feel good items, etc. "Everything that you forgot or was too heavy to bring". Read more.

Property management for home owners

If you own an apartment and you want to rent it our for short stays you can hire Globexs to manage your property. We take care of everything, and make sure that your property gives you the ROI that you expected. Read more.

Property investments in Spain

Globexs is a property hunter. We assist foreigners that want to buy a property in Spain. We find the property, take care of the legal side of the purchase, and rent the property for short stays. Read more.


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In our webshop for expats interesting items for expats can be purchased: Welcome packs, ammenities, etc. Check it out! Or click on the below banner to read more about becoming a Globexs partner.

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