Who are the customers of Globexs?

Since 2002 we have serviced thousands of customers. Globexs stands for "Global Expatriate Services", so we are mainly focused on expats. But not only expats enjoy our services. We work with

  • expats looking for accommodation
  • companies that send people abroad
  • individual travellers and explorers who move abroad for a while
  • expats who need a lawyer
  • foreigners who want a second home in Spain
  • home owners who see property management services

This is how we keep everybody happy:

Expats and companies that relocate employees

The main activity of Globexs is finding accommodation for expats. With the word "expat" we mean people who moves abroad for professional reasons. Our customers are companies and individuals. We rent apartments to CEO's, executives, managers, workers, freelancers, artists, students, etc... Anybody who is moving to another country for 1-6 months is a potential Globexs customer. We have temporary furnished apartments for all budgets, all expenses included. Read more.

Expats seeking legal assistance

We are lawyers! Globexs is a service company for expats and their employers. We handle work permits, residence permits, visas, etc. Read more. 

Foreigners looking for an investment in Spain

We assist people that want to invest in property in Spain. We help them with the search and the paperwork. Read more.

Homeowners seeking property management services

Globexs offers property management services to home owners in Spain and Belgium who are renting out their property. Read more.


customers of Globexs


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