Alojamiento y soluciones para empresas en Bilbao

Traslado de la empresa a Bilbao

Finding accommodation for short or medium term stays (a few weeks or seasons less than a year) is complicated because the real estate market is not sufficiently prepared. People who have to move temporarily for work reasons also have certain needs (proximity to the workplace, fully equipped house, wifi,…) that make the search even more complicated, whether the company has to do it or the worker has to manage it himself. The option of staying in a hotel is often expensive and above all impersonal.

To fill this gap, in 2002 Globexs, «Global Expatriate Services», was created with the aim of facilitating the mobility of «expats» (people who have to move to another country for work purposes) or people who have to change city without leaving the country.

Globexs specializes in providing service to companies that send their workers to international destinations or that receive at their headquarters external professionals for temporary projects. Among these services is the management of accommodation, as well as advice and support in all administrative aspects that the person needs.

As a result of its continuous expansion, Globexs has, since February this year, a representation in Bilbao, which manages a wide range of furnished and fully equipped apartments in various areas of the metropolitan area of Bilbao.

If your company needs temporary accommodation for any of its workers, in Bilbao or in other national or international destinations, do not hesitate to contact us at our e-mail address or by telephone on 962 066 814.

Globexs offers a wide range of flexible tempory expat rentals in all price ranges.



La experiencia Globexs

En Globexs todos estamos de acuerdo en que nuestro trabajo es hacer que la gente se sienta bienvenida. Globexs es, en esencia, una empresa de personas: personas que trabajan para personas. Nosotros trabajando para los expatriados. Somos el pequeño golpecito en el hombro y la voz que te susurra al oído que todo irá bien. 👌.