Kalea 15 – Beautiful open apartment in Bilbao

Apartment in Bilbao

  • 2 people
  • 5 bedrooms
  • 2 baths
  • 130 m2
Property Type: Room in shared flat


Kalea 15 is a beautiful open apartment in Bilbao.

Going to study in Bilbao and want to live in a nice and comfortable place in the city? Check out this apartment in the neighbourhood of Begoña,  A beautiful open apartment in Bilbao , which could be your home away from home! The area has the necessary amenities for your daily life, such as roads, commerce, cafes, restaurants and some green areas!

The property has a total of five bedrooms, a common bathroom, a kitchen and a living room. All rooms are very cozy, warm and comfortable – ideal for any student who wants to know what Bilbao is all about. The kitchen is modern and equipped with the necessary appliances and the living room is the heart of the shared flat in Bilbao.

Also including an open floor plan in Bilbao,  in order to relax and to have a cool place to hang out place. This is a wonderful apartment in Bilbao for all your needs.

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