Make a secure payment to Globexs


The best way to make a payment to Globexs is by bank transfer. Alternatively, you can make a PayPal payment (, a cash payment (in the office), or a credit card payment (in the office or online).

Payment commissions

If you make a bank transfer from the US or Canada, expect to pay a relatively high bank commission if you do a bank transfer. Please check with your bank before doing a bank transfer. You have to take charge of the bank commissions.

Also PayPal payments are often subject to high commissions. The PayPal commission is to be paid by the person that issues the payment. Please check before you make the payment.

How to make a credit card payment online?

You can make a payment online by credit card by clicking below on “Make a payment”. You fill out the fields and will be transferred to the PayPal portal, where you can make a secure payment by credit card. 

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