Legal disclaimer Globexs

Rights, obligations and responsibilities of the user

Introduction and concept 

We understand user who accesses our site, regardless of whether or not ultimately uses our services.

This document intends to provide the user the information needed to navigate our site knowing his rights and obligations concerning the contents of the same, as the responsibility for the use of it.

GLOBEXS as the legitimate owner of the website reserves the right to modify in adapting existing regulations or any procedural change of the company, the contents thereof without prior notice to the users, this new content is necessarily binding except those expressly waives service.

 You understand and agree that the website is just a platform through which owners can get reservations for their properties, and tenants can get accommodation for their stay away from home. Globexs uses this website to facilitate the availability of properties and serve to conclude rental operations on those included in it. Globexs acts as a mere intermediary between Landlord and Tenant. Globexs does not take part in the rental operation and is therefore exempt from any liability arising from such transactions or related thereto to the maximum extent permitted by law. Owners may be people who own homes for rent or persons (including professional real estate agents) that have the proper authorization to agree to or subscribe to rental transactions directly with Guests on behalf of the owners. Rental operations are only binding between the Owners and Guests, who carry the exclusive and absolute responsibility for compliance, Globexs being exempt from liability arising out of or in connection with such transactions. Once confirmed, tenant data are provided to the Owner (or Owner’s Representative) to realize the effects of arrival time, telephones, and other logistical peculiarities, terminating as such the function and therefore responsibility of Globexs.

Assumption of responsibility

Globexs aims that navigation on our website is as safe and easy as possible for users. However, it is impossible to control all incidents that, in many cases, are caused by bad faith or negligence of others. It is for this reason that GLOBEXS denies responsibility in the following cases:

-In the case of links on our website that would lead to inappropriate or illegal content in which case we ask the user for immediate notification of their withdrawal.
-In case of technical problems on the User’s computer which may arise from navigation.
-In case of viruses on our website as illegal activity of others.
-In case of technical problems or system failures caused by third parties or force majeure that prevent correct navigation by the user.
-If the user makes improper use of the system or fraudulent risking their computer equipment or third parties.
-In case of any damage caused by the use of different browsers for which the website is designed. 

Intellectual property

In protection of the effort to implement the project GLOBEXS, and specifically intellectual and industrial rights related to this website, we inform the user of:

-GLOBEXS is the legitimate and sole owner of the websites,,,, and
-GLOBEXS is the legitimate and sole owner of the design used for the design and navigation of their websites.
-GLOBEXS is the legitimate and sole owner of the content posted on the web by the company.
-GLOBEXS is the legitimate and sole owner of the trademarks and trade names used on the web.

In any case, the permission to access and navigate our website never involves a transfer of use or exploitation of any of the intellectual and industrial rights. Any reproduction, use, copying, or downloading of the contents of this website is expressly prohibited, and subject to Spanish legislation on the protection of intellectual and industrial rights.

It is expressly forbidden to use frames or programs that may involve any modification on our websites. Similarly, the user in no event may modify or delete any copyright of our Site or identifying information of the company or other owners that have permitted us.

Resolution of disputes 

For any complaint or claim the User may contact mail and postal addresses previously expressed. In the case of disputes shall apply solely Spanish legislation on the matter, and jurisdiction of the Courts of Valencia.

By reading this document, the user declares to be informed and recognizes to understand and accept all the conditions therein expressed. For more information about the company go to the section Terms and Conditions and FAQs.

Company identification

EXPATRIATE GLOBAL SERVICES, SL, with registered office at c / Pintor Salvador Abril 35, 46005 Valencia, CIF: B98399322, registered in the trade register of Valencia on December 2, 2011, in Volume 9402, page 102, entry 1 with serrated V-146218. With Contact Phone: 0034962066814, e-mail: