Monthly rentals made easy and safe for landlords

Rent your property to companies and business travellers

How does a Month-to-Month lease work for landlords?

Monthly rentals combine the advantages of traditional long-term rental with short-term holiday rentals benefits. Monthly rentals refer to leasing a furnished apartment, flat, or house to expats, companies, or business travelers, for a short period, from 1 month to a maximum of 11 months.

By renting your property to business travelers and companies with Globexs, there is no non-payment risk due to the tenant profile. You, as the landlord, keep control over your house, deciding the dates you want to rent your property.

At Globexs we take care of the entire rental process. We filter the client’s profile and we manage the rental contract, drawn up by our legal department. You will get worldwide visibility through the Globexs website and our partners by listing your property with us.

Corporate housing is ideal for those looking for an in-between lodging option. Digital nomads, business travelers, and expats,… are all looking for a temporary rental. As an owner, you will be renting out your flat to companies and business travelers.

Monthly rentals combine the advantages of traditional and holiday rentals.

Why rent your property with Globexs?

Working with us is very easy. Sit back and let Globexs do the heavy lifting.

Higher profitability

The monthly rent is higher than traditional rent and there is not seasonality as with the holiday rental.

No exclusivity

Globexs does not ask for exclusivity. You can still rent out your property via other platforms.

Global visibility

Globexs operates internationally and is the industry reference for medium-term rental.

No visits

We have photos and videos of each property, so you don’t have to show anyone around. Should this be a requirement, the visits will be arranged by a Globexs agent.

Rental contract management

We work with our contracts, drawn up by our legal department. Therefore, you do not need to worry about this.

Set your own rules

Anyone renting through Globexs agrees to basic house rules. However, if you have a special request we will always pass this on to the tenants. 

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People working for people

Globexs is specialized in relocation services and expat rentals. We will guide you from start to finish.

We are the reference for furnished temporary rentals between 1-11 months. Affordable rent, all on one account, no hassle.

Our clients are expats, digital nomads, teleworkers, business travelers, and companies sending employees abroad.

Monthly rentals are a particularly attractive rental formula. We would like to get in touch with you to explain the advantages in detail.

At Globexs we all agree that our job is making people feel welcome.


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Fill out the below form and submit your request. You will be contacted by a Globexs member within 48 hours to answer all the questions you may have about monthly rentals and their advantages.

Make money by recommending Globexs

At Globexs, we want to reward the trust and loyalty of our partners, which is why we launched the Globexs affiliate program, which allows each owner to earn €100 for recommending new owners to Globexs.

Frequently asked questions before renting your property

What services does Globexs offer to property owners?
Globexs offers a publication and financial platform to owners who want to rent their house or apartment to expats for a period between 1-12 months. We bring the owner in touch with the expat, and during the complete stay we take care of the payments and customer service for both owner and tenant. In some destinations we also offer legal and fiscal advice to home owners.
Is Globexs a real estate agency?
No, certainly not. Globexs is a relocation company: a service company for expats. We are a relocation company built around an apartment platform for companies, expats and digital nomads. We take care of our customers from the moment they arrive until the moment they leave. Besides housing we offer a wide range of relocation services to our customers.
What is an expat? Who are the tenants?
Expats ,companies and business tarvellers moving for professional reasons to a new country, for a specific period of time: Project managers, workers, professional athletes, digital nomads, film crews, etc.
Is Globexs free?
We charge a 99€ (+vat) yearly fee only when your property is rented + 2% monthly fee. This fee will be deducted from the first rent, so you don't have to pay it until your flat has been rent.
What requirements does my property have to meet?
The property must be ready to move into and have the minimum equipment, including: washing machine, television, electrical appliances, basic household goods, bed linen, towels and WiFi. We accept all properties on all locations.
Who takes care of the rental contract?
Globexs takes care of the rental contract. The owner does not have to worry about this.
Who does the problem solving during the booking?
Globexs is the contact person during the full stay, for both the tenant and the owner.
What happens if I have problems with the condition of the property at check-out?
In this case the tenant will not get the full deposit back. If there are any problems with the property after check-out, the owner will receive the deposit to fix this.
How will I know if a company is interested in renting my flat?
Globexs will contact you by email or phone with the details of the application so that you can accept or reject it.
Does my house have to be available all year round to work with you?
No. It is not necessary to have the flat available all year round. Globexs does not require any kind of exclusivity. In fact, there are owners who combine several platforms depending on the season.
Can I publish my apartment on other platforms?
Yes, Globexs does not require an exclusivity commitment from you, as long as you keep us posted about the availability of the property.
Can I turn down an accommodation offer?
Yes, Globexs will always propose to you the tenant that best suits your flat, but if you don't want to close the deal, there is no problem. You are free to refuse, you always have control over your home.
Who pays the apartment rent?
Tenants pay to Globexs and Globexs pays to the owners.
What price should I put on my property?
As the owner, it is you who decides the price at which you want to rent the property, although, we will advise you.
Is the apartment rental price fixed?
No, the rental price can slightly vary depending on the length of the stay, but will always be determined together with the owner.