Peñascales – Furnished studio in Madrid

Spacious studio in Fuente del Berro

  • 2 people
  • 1 bedroom
  • 1 bath
Property Type: Studio (all in one)


Peñascales is a furnished studio in Madrid. It is a spacious studio in Fuente del Berro.

Looking for an adventure in Madrid ? We can help you find a great place where you can call your own for the duration of your stay and this awesome studio is it. Located in the Fuente del Berro neighbourhood, you’ll have at your disposal an attractive and elegant spot that is all about looks, comfortable surroundings and location. When you’re kicking back and relaxing, you can choose to chill in the living room or outside, thanks to the cool terrace. Besides the modern décor and inviting feeling, the are also perks to explore nearby.

You’ll have the advantage of living near O’Donnell metro station, allowing you to reach key parts of the city and stunning attractions. Plus, you’ll stay within proximity to Universidad Politécnica de Madrid – Campus Madrid Ciudad.

This furnished studio in Madrid has a bedroom area, a kitchen, a living room area and a bathroom. So if you wish to stay in a place that is not only and comfortable but also nicely located, then go ahead and go for it because this gorgeous flat is one in a million!

Globexs is the industry reference for temporary accommodation in Madrid. If you are an expat, student, or remote worker in Madrid, you can connect with like-minded people on our facebook group “Expats living and working in Madrid”.

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800.00€ / month

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