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Breweries in Antwerp: an expat-guide

There are 176 breweries active in Belgium! Some distinguish themselves by their special character. For example, there are abbeys where beer is still brewed by the monks. However, today we are going to talk about the ones located in Antwerp.  To make sure you know where to start and where to find these breweries, we have listed five of them. 

De Koninck

Brewery de Koninck was founded in 1827. Joseph Henricus De Koninck buys the inn 'De Plaisante Hof'. This inn was located between Antwerp and Berchem. In 2010, however, De Koninck was taken over by Duvel Moortgat. They invested in perception, this way life was brought to the brewery. The brewery became, as it were, a dynamic brewery in the middle of the city. You can always visit this brewery, there is a renewed tour where you can taste the beer and see the process. Feel like living in this area? Don’t worry, we got you! Check out this apartment: Harmonie.


Brochus is a small-scale brewery. The special thing about this brewery is that they produce several beers but only a limited number are released each time, only once... an interesting concept and extraordinary and that in the heart of Antwerp! We also have some apartments here, like Kievit.

Antwerpse brouw compagnie

In the Noorderpershuis in Antwerp you can find the Antwerp Brewing Company. What started as a hobby for the owner has grown into a fantastic brewery. In 2012 the brewery was founded, here they sell Seefbier, certainly not an unknown beer for beer lovers. The brewery contains the latest technology in combination with traditional brewing methods. You can always come here to taste the delicious beer and have a delicious bite to eat. This is also a great neighborhood to live! We have lots of apartments around here like Cadix garden.


One of the largest breweries in Belgium can be found in Mechelen. It was founded in 1988 and has been part of the Heineken Group since 2008. They produce many different brands such as Grimbergen, Mort Subite, Hapkin, Cristal Alken and Maes lager. They have one of the largest brand portfolios of any brewery in Belgium. In addition to the administrative headquarters in Mechelen, Alken-Maes has three breweries. They have one in Alken, in Opwijk and in Kobbegem. 

You can visit these breweries during a holiday, weekend,... whenever you want. A good idea to do this summer, since everyone stays at home a bit more....

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