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Nature parks in Belgium

Globexs' expat-guide: nature parks in Belgium

Wondering what to do on your staycation in Belgium (vacation at home)? Don’t worry! Belgium is beautiful and has, against all expectations, a lot of beautiful nature. Let’s walk our way through the most beautiful nature parks in Belgium. 

1. Mechels broek

This nature park is located in the province of Antwerp, near Mechelen. It is the ideal location for beautiful walks. The walking route runs along the water, here you can spot all kinds of birds in the bird-watching hut! The park is surrounded by meadows, here you will find galloway cattle. These come from Scotland and are used to bad weather. They are very gentle and calm, in other words, the perfect nature managers. Some plants they like better than others, which creates a varied landscape. This, of course, brings with it a varied animal world.

2. Kalmthoutse heide

In the Kalmthoutse Heide you can walk among beautiful forests, fens, heath,... You will find this area in the province of Antwerp, it is actually pretty close to the city of Antwerp. There are numerous water birds that have made this area their home. You can spot them during your walk. In this area you can really relax, it has beautiful views. It’s in fact in the name, ‘Heide’ Is dutch for heathland. So you know what to expect… Living in this are is amazing, you can check our apartments in Antwerp here. 

3. Middenloop zwalm

This nature reserve can be found in East Flanders.It is located between Brussels and Ghent. It offers a varied fauna and flora. You can walk here as well as make a nice bike ride. The river Zwalm flows through this relief rich landscape. This allows you to spot many animals during your trip! If you want to live close tot his park check out our apartments in Brussels or Ghent

4. Landschap De Liereman

Landscape De Liereman can be found in the Kempen. It is situated between Oud-Turnhout and Arendonk. Did you know that this is one of the oldest nature reserves in Belgium? Farmers used to graze their sheep here. This created an open heathland landscape, something that typified the Kempen.  The Liereman has forests, grasslands, fens, moors,... you can guess, a bit of everything!

5. Kalkense meeren

If you can find peace somewhere, it's here. It is one of the last quiet areas of East Flanders. Here you can go for a nice walk or a nice bike ride. The landscape has a variety of fauna and flora. You have several roads, unpaved and paved, here you can enjoy the rich nature. Attention! In winter it is not a luxury to come walking with boots as there are unpaved roads. Or if you like wet feet, come in your sneakers ;-). This is located next to Ghent. If you feel like living here, you should check out our apartments in Ghent

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