Invest in Valencia - Close the circle with Blue Key and Globexs

invest in Valencia

Valencia is booming! Large groups of foreigners are strolling the streets looking to invest in Valencia. And most of them are looking for a one-stop solution: they want to find the one company that assist them all the way. Globexs / Blue offer exactly what foreign investors are looking for.

1. Property hunting

We help you find the right apartment to invest in Valencia

2. Legal assistance

We are lawyers and we assist you with the legal formalities

3. Property management

We are a company that offers property management services

4. Rentals

We rent out your apartment and give you a return on investment.

Invest in Valencia with Globexs and Blue Key

Globexs, in collaboration with Blue Key, offers the possibility to close the circle: a one-stop solution. 


a one stop solution to invest in Valencia

Close the circle

Do not hesitate any longer and investigate the opportunities that Valencia is offering right now. Visit the Blue Key website for more information, and check out what they can do for you.


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Thursday 14 June 2018
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