Rent your apartment to expats

The advantages of renting to expats

In most major cities in Europe 3 types of rentals coexist: Traditional long term unfurnished rentals, mid-term (3-11 months) furnished rentals and short term holiday rentals. The holiday (airbnb) market is clearly saturated in a lot of cities (such as Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris, etc). 

Traditional rentals scare many apartment owners because of potential payment problems and the risk of a bad tenant (with no way of kicking him out). Therefore, more and more apartment owners in the larger European cities are choosing for mid-term expat rentals and are renting to expats. You can rent your apartment to expats with Globexs.

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Indeed, if properly managed by a professional company like Globexs, mid-term expat rentals offer huge advantages to apartment owners. Rent your apartment to expats with Globexs.

The conditions to rent your apartment to expats with Globexs

Expats usually have specific quality standards. To connect with expats your apartment needs to meet the following basic requirements:

How to submit your application and connect with expats

If you think that your apartment is suitable you can submit an application and rent your apartment.


Fill out the below form as a first step to connect with expats.


A Globexs staff member gets in touch with you.


If your apartment answers the Globexs quality standards we will publish it and offer it to our customers.

Is there a cost involved to rent your apartment?

Globexs charges a one time administration fee of 150€ + VAT (21%) to rent your apartment.

What do you get for this? 

Application form

Fill out the below form and submit your request. You will be contacted by a Globexs member very soon to rent your apartment. The first contact is usually over the phone or by email, followed by a visit to the apartment.

Personal data

Data protection law: your personal data are safe. We will never give them to third parties.

Basic information about your property

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