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Renting to expats in Fuerteventura

After many years of operating in Peninsula, Globexs is now finally operating in Canarias. We offer temporary rental apartments to digital nomads and expats moving to Canarias. We are happy to announce that Globexs operates in Fuerteventura!

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Are you an owner in Fuerteventura?

Are you an apartment owner in Fuerteventura and you want to rent your property to expats? We got you! Globexs finds the right tenant, organizes the paperwork, guarantees the monthly payments and solves all problems during the stay. And the best part is that Globexs charges an agency fee to the tenants, and is completely free for apartment owners.

Advantages of renting to expats

Digital nomads and expats are foreign professionals. They move to Fuerteventura for a certain period (usually between 1 and 11 months) for a project or an assignment. They are the perfect tenants for a number of reasons:

Globexs is a Valencia based company specialized in midterms (1-11 months) rentals for expats moving to Spain. The company connects apartment owners with expats who are looking for a furnished apartment. Globexs takes care of the rental contract, the payments and is the contact person for both expats and owners during the full stay.

What are expats looking for?

This kind of rentals is exactly what foreign professionals are looking for, and clever apartment owners recognize the opportunities.

Contact Globexs

Owners of a furnished apartment can apply FOR FREE by sending an email to or click contact us here.  A Globexs account manager will be in touch to decide if the apartment is eligible for publication, and provides you with all information!

Why Globexs operates in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is becoming increasingly popular for digital nomads. 

The growing trend of global mobility is increasing the demand for flexible housing, also in Fuerteventura. More and more people work online and location independently, and live accordingly: They move around and live in a different city every few months. This growing group of digital nomads is specifically looking for mid-term expat rentals. Indeed, a lot has happened since 1980 when Dolly Parton released the song 9 to 5, and more and more people are trying to avoid the standard 9-5 model of work. And after all, digital nomads and expats are the ambassadors of progress. 

Digital Nomad community in Fuerteventura

The community of digital nomads in Fuerteventura is growing every year. Here you can check the stats on living in Fuerteventura. 

Fuerteventura has exceptional conditions for remote working. It has a good climate, with mild temperatures all year round! On top of that, it has 150 kilometres of immense beaches for you.  It is one of the best destinations in the world for water sports like all types of surfing. You can go hiking, go on bike routes, or take part in unforgettable experiences such as whale and dolphin watching.

In addition to the natural beauty of Fuerteventura, there is a wide air connectivity with the most important European cities. In addition, Fuerteventura is currently one of the destinations with the lowest incidence of coronavirus in Europe as well. In other words is this the perfect digital nomad hotspot. 

Of the 119.732 residents registered in Fuerteventura in 2020, 36.400 are foreigners, and the rest (83.300) Spaniards, of whom slightly less than half were born on the island.

Germans, English, French, Norwegians, Mauritanians, Senegalese,… and so on up to more than a hundred different nationalities welcome the island.

How to rent an apartment in Fuerteventura

The Globexs rental process is specifically designed to make life easy for people who move abroad. No hassle rentals, trust and confidence. 

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