The story behind Globexs - Global Expatriate Services

The story behind Globexs

The beginning of Global Expatriate Services

Globexs was founded in 2002 by Lodewijk Cuypers focusing on expats on the move, with a wide range of services to make their stay abroad more comfortable. In the first years the focus was mainly on language and translation services. In 2009 Globexs started offering accommodation for expats in Antwerp.

In 2010 Tiscar Navarro joined the company and we opened our Valencia office.  We started managing several apartments in Valencia, and soon we added Madrid, Asturias, Barcelona and Alicante to our destinations. Later we added Brussels, Ghent, Lisbon, Bordeaux, Paris and Bilbao. Globexs kept on growing to become an international relocation company focused on quality and customer satisfaction.

In 2015 Globexs added an extra service to expats and apartment owners: a specialized webshop. In the Globexs webshop we offer a range of indispensable items for every expat: “Everything that you forgot or was too heavy to bring”. And apartment owners can buy everything they need to prepare their apartment for rentals: new bedlinens, pillows, duvets, towels, amenities, etc…

Nestor and Blue Key

In 2017 we created the brand Blue Key Investments to offer specific solutions to the requests that we were receiving from our Globexs customers in Valencia. We were receiving more and more requests for property investments in Valencia, and that is not a coincidence, because Valencia suddenly became one of the most interesting and popular places to invest in Europe. With specialized services such as project management, property finding and legal assistance Blue Key started operating in support of foreign investors in Valencia.

In 2018 we created the brand Nestor to offer specific property management solutions to apartment owners in Valencia. Globexs is managing nearly 100 apartments only in Valencia, and the property management part of the job is becoming every day more important and challenging. At the same time the Nestor website is reaching out to Airbnb-apartment owners. More specifically, Nestor is reaching out to foreigners who bought an apartment in Valencia with Blue Key and who need professionals to manage the rentals, whether they are expats rentals or Airbnb rentals.

With our 3 brands (Globexs - Nestor - Blue Key) we close the circle for foreign investors in Valencia.

In the city of Valencia we offer a 1-stop solution to our customers. With the brand Blue Key we help foreigners invest in property in Valencia. With the brand Globexs we give them a rental income, and with the brand Nestor we manage and clean their property: As a matter of speaking we close the circle. Click here to read more.

Move to the new offices

The company kept on expanding and in 2020 we moved to our new offices in the heart of Ruzafa, in Calle Pintor Salvador Abril 35. We have now the space and the capacity to give the best possible service to our customers. Check out the new office.

Loyal to our mission

The Globexs team is passionate about global mobility. We believe that everyone should be an expat, remote worker, digital nomad, erasmus student…. at least for a brief period in their lives. We believe that global mobility brings people together. We believe that embracing global mobility is the best way to improve the world around us. Meet the team.

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