Corporate relocation to Valencia made quick and easy

Corporate relocations to Valencia

The principle behind everything we do at Globexs is to give companies, staff and private business travellers the best services to make their lives easier when moving to Valencia for short or long-term stays. Accommodation is one of the most important things to get right, but there are other considerations that need to be addressed and at Globexs we have strategies from legal consultations to local guides that can help you to relocate your staff and hit the ground running.


We specialize in assisting companies with their corporate relocations to Valencia. We have hundreds of high quality spaces at our disposal in all areas of the city to provide you with the options you need, be it close to the beach, or to stay close to the business district for meeting and conferences. We specialize in assisting companies to relocate their staff in Valencia.

We know what the challenges are and we are ready to provide all the assistance you need to overcome the challenges involved in short term staff relocation. Our apartments are furnished and catering is provided for everything you need, all our accommodation is equipped with wifi. All bills of water gas and electricity are covered, and many of our apartments have parking spaces. If you need anything specific, just let us know and we’ll do our best to cover your requirements.

Legal advice

We have agreements to provide independent legal advice and Globexs can also offer you our own consultancy through our legal team. We understand the need for peace of mind in undertaking a relocation to Valencia and we are more than happy to put you in touch with local legal consultants, or provide you with our own legal advice.

With experience in property and competences in local employment law, we can help you to organise work permits, the “empadronamiento” (a local council residence document) and residency permits.

In the case that you prefer independent advice, the transaction is made directly between you and the lawyer, we can put you in touch with the right people and we offer this service as part of our range free of any cost.

Local Knowledge regarding corporate relocations to Valencia

Valencia is a beautiful Mediterranean city, sporting everything you need from free healthcare for Europeans to Formula 1 facilities. It is a regional zone with its own government and a local language distinct to standard Spanish. This makes it a town for locals, and we can offer advice in overcoming the pitfalls that sometimes pop-up when planning a relocation.

If you need language classes in Castilian or Valencian, or if you require translations, our sister company Globexs Languages can provide you with these services. We cater for individual and group classes, and we can translate into any European language. We are a multilingual team speaking English, Spanish, German, French and Dutch, if your company needs language services we are more than capable of covering your needs.

Transportation and links

There is a busy airport in Valencia around 10km from the city centre, though you can also fly into Castellón or Alicante which are around one and a half hours’ drive from city centre Valencia. We can provide a pick-up service from any of these airports and bring you to our offices or apartments to provide you and your staff with information on restaurants and amenities in Valencia. There is an underground Metro which covers all of the city and the surrounding villages of Valencia, taxis operate at all times, and the bus services run until 22:30. Unfortunately Uber has not yet arrived in Valencia so take this into consideration.


We have worked with multinational companies requiring relocation of their staff to Valencia. If you would like to know how we achieve this drop us a line and we will be happy to let you know about our previous customer, their challenges and how we solved them. We, having done it ourselves, are acutely aware of the costs that can come from staff relocation and our services are here to provide you efficiency, speed, and comfort.






Sunday 1 October 2017
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