COVID-19 protocols at Globexs

Our dedication to customer service is even higher than normal

Dear customer, dear partner,

At Globexs we are especially sensitive to the current situation and the impact that the crisis caused by the COVID-19 is having on the daily life of our customers, affiliates and partners. In these difficult times our dedication to customer service and efficient communication is even higher than normal. 

In a serious commitment to protect our customers and partners and avoid potential contagion, we have installed a serie of protocols:

1. As a general rule we will limit as much as possible personal contact between staff, customers, owners, partners and affiliates. 

2. Communication will happen mainly over telephone, whatsapp, skype and google hangouts.

3. We have set up hotlines for our customers residing in our apartments. We encourage all our customers to reach out to us with their questions about their current or future bookings, or about the general health situation of the country they are residing.

hotline for expats residing in a Globexs apartment in Spain: +34650393147.
hotline for expats residing in a Globexs apartment in Belgium: +3238084591.
hotline for expats residing in a Globexs apartment in Holland: +31108083894.

General Whatsapp number (all countries): +34650393147

Our commitment in this matter is absolute. Our first priority is the health of our customers. We will keep on updating our website and social media channels with the latest information about COVID-19. 

We remain available and attentive to your needs, and look forward to a return to normality asap.

Tiscar Navarro
Global Expatriate Services SL

Globexs offers a wide range of flexible tempory expat rentals in all price ranges.


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The Globexs experience

Well at Globexs we all agree that our main job is making people feel welcome. Globexs is, in essence, a people-company: people working for people. Us working for expats.

We sell

We are the little tap on your shoulder and the voice whispering in your ear that everything will be all right 👌.

That is the , and that is what distinguishes us from traditional rental companies.

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