Globexs lockdown guide Antwerp for expats

A walk in the park in Antwerp

Antwerp is a beautiful city and is underestimated by many. The city itself is worth a visit but it‘s surroundings too! This city hosts many lovely parks, in all sizes and styles. We are going to give you our top 5 to get your quarantaine-walks in.

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The Harmoniepark: in the middle of Antwerp city. This is a large and beautiful park with very various vegetation. For children, this park is a dream! They can play in three new play areas. Are you still looking for the ideal residential destination? This is a fantastic neighborhood where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Globexs offers several apartments here including Harmonie, Harmonie 2 and Beethoven.



Next up we have Het Stadspark. This park is situated in the heart of Antwerp. Here you can find a lovely, big pond with some ducks and swans and a big bridge all over the place. This is an accessible park to unwind during the day, what we all need right now! If you are sold by the charms of this beautiful park, be sure to have a look at the apartments we offer here, maybe it’s a perfect match!

We offer lots of apartments in this area such as  Mikado and Rubens


If you’re a sunset lover, the Droogdokkenpark is your place to be! This park has a very unique location in the outer bend of the Scheldt river. This park brings the port and the city together. It gives you an amazing view over “Linkeroever” and the river Scheldt. Ideal if  you‘re looking for a quiet and peaceful place to make your quarantine walk or skate-tour.

Nearby this wonderful place Globexs has some great apartments for you. If you love amazing views these apartments are your go-to: Island 3, westkaai 41 and Island 4.


Het Nachtegalenpark: only a few minutes drive from Antwerp city. This is a large and beautiful park with very various vegetation. If you have children, this park is a dream. It has one of the largest, protected open air playgrounds in Belgium. Very near to the Nachtegalen park you have Park Den Brandt. Here you can find a large castle, a lovely pond with some ducks and swans and many bridges all over the place. This park doesn‘t have a playground, therefore it‘s much quieter than the others. Ideal if  you‘re looking for a quiet and peaceful place to make your quarantine walk.

Close to these lovely parks we have an amazing apartment for expats: Eglantier.


Rivierenhof is a leafy, expansive green space featuring ponds, trails, play equipment & an outdoor concert venue. The park also contains a large lake along with a super rose garden and cafe. With a surface area of ​​132 hectares, “Provincial Domain Rivierenhof” is the largest park in the city of Antwerp.Get lost here in one of the warm quarantainedays but keep your distance!

Don‘t worry if you fell in love with this park and the amazing location, we got you! Of course Globexs has an apartment here as well. Check out Rivierenhof.

Don‘t forget the rules

Of course it is important that everyone sticks to the rules and the best thing of all is to stay inside. But we all know that sometimes this is not easy, however, if you do go for a walk, choose the nearest park and respect the rules!  

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