How globexs helps multinationals with international employee relocation.

Globexs employee relocation

How globexs helps multinationals with international employee relocation.

Globexs Expatriate Services helps businesses of all shapes and sizes with their relocation needs. We have assisted companies such as The Hard Rock Café with their launch of new premises and we understand what is required to make employee relocation as simple and efficient as possible.

Our philosophy is simple: To provide hassle-free international relocation services, tailored to the individual needs of multinationals and international employees.

We do not believe in a “one size fits all” solution to corporate relocation. Every circumstance and every company has different requirements. That’s why we use all of our experience to analyze every relocation project to provide the very best services for all of our clients.


Our international employee relocation specialists provide the expertise and know-how that will guarantee a seamless corporate relocation. We have worked for many years on innovative solutions, striving to reduce costs, improve efficiency and integrate additional services such as our linen services which are of the very highest quality.

Your relocation programs may be driven by international growth opportunities or the implementation of new strategies in new markets. At Globexs we are 100% committed to our clients, helping to successfully carry out relocation programs We understand the need for talent retention, legal and regulatory compliance and cost management. Our in-house legal team are specialists in short and long-term rental law in our locations of operation, ensuring compliance for your employee mobility programs.

360º assistance

During the project, we manage every aspect of each assignment. We coordinate office and living space, as well as conference rooms and transport. Whatever the needs of your employees, we have the resources to provide effective solutions and improved efficiencies. We currently operate in Europe in 3 countries and 5 locations: Antwerp, Brussels, Bilbao, Paris and Valencia. 

Our framework includes: 

Personalised service

We customise our services for every member of staff, taking into account their individual needs, be it office space or family considerations. We strive to make every relocation as smooth as possible to take away any stress or worry involved, and allowing your team to focus on the job at hand.

A human touch

We prioritise rapport and personal communication above all else, supporting individuals and their families as they come to a new place for the first time. We are the first people they will meet and the first point of contact for most of our clients, and we understand the importance of having a reliable contact and friend.

Experience and know-how

We have over ten years of experience helping multinationals with employee relocation. Our team can offer a bespoke, end-to-end relocation service. We offer the best quality accommodation through our contacts in the hospitality industry and for your staff; complete peace of mind.

Effective communication

We manage our projects with one point of contact to give you a constant point of communication so you can monitor your projects and our performance, ensuring that we are meeting our targets and offering you the best possible relocation service.

Globexs will work with you to fully manage your international employee mobility. We have integrated innovations such as Total Cost Reporting to help monitor your overall supplier cost in your relocation programs. Globexs will ensure your global assignment programme is as cost-efficient as possible.

Our services include:

  • Assignment process consultancy
  • Benchmarking and mobility program design
  • Administration of relocation
  • Payments management
  • Third party supplier selection and management
  • Online document repository
  • Total Cost Reporting and assignment tracking
  • Extranet portal access


  • Administration efficiencies
  • Professional advice from our specialized team
  • Dedicated assignment management team
  • Flexible and responsive service
  • 24/7 support

Globexs is the reference for service and quality regarding international employee relocation. We guarantee the authentic Globexs Experience. Click below to apply for an apartment or contact us for more information.  

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