Paradisiac spots of Costa Blanca

4 paradisiac spots of Costa Blanca to visit from Valencia

One of the main reasons an expat would choose Valencia as a place to be is its closeness to the Mediterranean Sea. However, as you may see, the coastline of Valencia is just sand beaches, which can be too monotonous for some people. For those who look for a mix of sea and mountain landscape, your right place to visit is the Costa Blanca. The first town of Costa Blanca, Denia, is just 90 km away from Valencia. This area in the province of Alicante offers a wide range of leisure activities for adventure lovers, gastronomy lovers, and chilling lovers as well. In this article, we talk about four spots in Costa Blanca that you should not miss while you live in Valencia. Two of them can be visited with children (La Granadella and El Portet).voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.

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Cova Tallada - Denia

C:\Users\Usuario\Desktop\105APPLE\IMG_5345.JPGCova Tallada is a cave located in El Montgó Natural Park. This cave is alongside the Mediterranean Coast and the visitor can enjoy fantastic views to the sea from this unique place. As the cave belongs to the sea life Reserve of San Antonio´s Cape, we highly recommend the cave for snorkeling lovers. It is a spot where people can dive and see different species of the Mediterranean Sea. Cova Tallada is just reachable by boat or by foot. The starting point of the Hiking route to the cave is in Las Rotas Beach (Denia) and the walk just take 45 minutes. If you decide walking to the cave, we suggest you good hiking shoes and some water for the heat. People that are more adventurous prefer going to the cave by kayak, but just be careful with the waves and jelly fish. In the last two years, there are limits on the number of visitors at the cave. Before visiting the cave, it is compulsory to book a day and time at the official website of the Valencian Government. Of course, the booking of the place is free. 

Granadella - Jávea

C:\Users\Usuario\Desktop\105APPLE\IMG_5866.JPGLa Granadella Beach is placed as one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. It is located in the municipality of Jávea, just 75 minutes away from Valencia by car. Far away from the pollution of the big city, you will find yourself on a beach with crystalline water surrounded by Mediterranean forests. It is a perfect place to practice snorkeling, as you will be able to see many kinds of fishes of different colors and sizes. In some areas, the water is not deep; therefore, it is convenient to visit the beach with children. As there are stones and rocks inside the water, we suggest you wear water shoes. For the more active people, there are some hiking routes starting from La Granadella Beach where the hiker will enjoy fantastic views to the mountains and the Sea. In addition, for the more chilling people, in La Granadella there are some bars where people go there to have a coffee, a cold beer or some tapas. It is possible to reach the beach by car and there are many parking places near La Granadella. As this place is highly popular among tourists, we recommend you to arrive there early in the morning to secure a place there. 

El Portet - Moraira

C:\Users\Usuario\Desktop\108APPLE\IMG_8912.JPGAround 50 years ago, Moraira was a tiny village nearby the Sea but it experienced a big transformation thanks to the arrival of tourists from other European countries like UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, etc. Nowadays Moraira is a holiday town where European tourists spend their summer and many of them own a second residence in this village. A popular beach in this village is El Portet. This beach is located in the northern part of Moraira and on summer time, it is visited by residents from Moraira residents and nearby towns. Some people say this spot is a recreation of a Greek village because of the white color houses alongside the beach. Most of the days there is clear water on the beach and it is possible to spot fishes and crabs. If you come with children, they will have an amazing time playing on the sand while testing an ice cream from the nearby bars. We invite you a well to take a cold drink or even have a meal in one of these bar while you enjoy the views of el Portet and the Mediterranean Sea. If just spending your time in the beach does not satisfy your leisure needs, there is a short hiking route from the beach to one historical site called “Torre del Cap d´Or´´. Even there are plenty of places to park the car in El Portet, we recommend you to arrive the beach at mornings before 11:30 am or evenings before 6 pm as the place will become busy on later hours and you will find out yourself leaving your car in one of the uphills in the area.

Cala La Mina (Serra Gelada) - El Albir

C:\Users\Usuario\Desktop\109APPLE\IMG_9496.JPGEven Costa Blanca is in the European continent and some hundreds kilometers away from Northern Africa, Serra Gelada is considered the starting point of the dry and warm Northern African climate that continues until the gates of Sahara Desert in Southern Morocco. From the north of Cala La Mina Beach, you will see green mountains and if you look to the South, you will just find a dry landscape empty of green colors. Even our last sentences may remind you of adventures in  faraway lands, the starting point of this adventure is just 90 minutes away from Valencia by car. We suggest you park your car at the entrance of Serra Gelada Natural Park in El Albir and start your walking route in “El Camí del Faro´´ (The Lighthouse route). Even if there are some fountains on this route, we highly recommend you to take some water to the excursion. Serra Gelada is a dry mountain with some few trees and vegetation and it has fantastic views to the sea and other mountains in the region. In this Natural Park you will be able to see birds like seagulls and falcons. Before you arrive at the Lighthouse of this mountain, you will find a sign, which indicates the way to Cala La Mina Beach. The hiking route can be a bit challenging for inexperienced hikers, but it will be a good start on this sport as well. We recommend you to wear hiking boots for reaching the beach. Cala La Mina is just reachable by foot or kayak. It is an amazing place for snorkeling and if you wish to be away from crowded beach restaurants, a nice option is to have a picnic directly on the beach while you enjoy the views of the blue sea and the Green mountains from Northern Alicante. As Cala La Mina is full of big stones and rocks, do not forget to bring water shoes in case you plan to swim in the sea. After your visit in Cala La Mina, we invite you to enjoy the sand beach in El Albir and relax yourself at the terrace in one of the restaurants from this touristic town. Just some curious information about this town: One of the biggest Scandinavian Communities in Spain lives in Albir, therefore do not be surprised to see flags of Norway or even Iceland at the bars. 

Author: Victor Medina Cones

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