The population movement and rentals in Valencia

The demographic balance in Valencia

Last update: November 19, 2020

Valencia has always been one of the most developed cities in Spain and for a long time its population and that of its metropolitan area have maintained a good demographic balance. Rentals in Valencia have become popular.

However, during the years 2014-2016 that balance was broken due to the crisis, many immigrants who had come to Valencia during the real estate boom returned to their countries and many young people, due to the brain drain and lack of job opportunities, also went to other provinces and even outside the country.

However, things began to change from then on, the movement of people between the different autonomous communities in Spain increased exponentially. Although the movements of both entry and exit with other autonomies has always been centered on Madrid and Barcelona, the case of Valencia was more remarkable.

Source: Levante EMV 26/09/2019

The Valencian Institute of Statistics calculates in 46750 people the positive balance migratory in 2018. It is notable that the difference between people who come and leave is double than in 2017.

More people, more demand for rentals in Valencia

This demographic recovery has been accompanied by an increase in the demand for housing, and people have turned to the traditional renting model, despite the fact that it is an old-fashioned model that does not benefit tenants at all.

This has led to a rise in rental prices, even predicting a new bubble in the real estate sector, this time in rents. It is curious to analyze how this situation occurs almost equally in all areas of Valencia whether they have more or less migration because external factors such as tourism are involved.

Source: Levante EMV 26/09/2019

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