Temporary rentals, legal advice and relocation services for people moving to Valencia

Moving to Valencia

Globexs is specialized in helping people relocate to Valencia. Our customers are expats, digital nomads, and companies moving to Valencia. 

We offer furnished temporary apartments for rent: Affordable accommodation, all on 1 bill, flexible monthly contracts, no hassle.

Do you need legal advice or an immigration lawyer? We helps expatriates, professionals and companies with all administration and legal formalities. Globexs provides you and your company with a legal framework abroad: Visas, NIE, Golden Visa, Residence permits, companies constitutions, bank accounts.

apartments for rent in valencia

Apartments for rent in Valencia

Discovering the perfect apartments for rent in Valencia is a seamless experience with Globexs.

We specialize in offering high-quality temporary rentals in Valencia, tailored to meet the needs of expats, digital nomads, and business travelers.

Whether you’re planning a short stay or looking for a monthly rental in Valencia, our diverse portfolio includes a range of options from cozy studios to spacious family homes. Each apartment is carefully selected to ensure comfort and convenience, making your transition to Valencia hassle-free.

With Globexs, you’ll find more than just a temporary residence; you’ll find a home that aligns perfectly with your duration of stay, lifestyle, and budget.

Additional services to expats moving to Valencia

The key to successfully moving to Valencia

Apartments for rent in Valencia

Legal assistance for expats moving to Valencia

Schedule a meeting with an immigration lawyer

Do you want to relocate to Spain and need assistance? Send us an email or schedule a meeting online.


A short meeting with a Globexs commercial representative in which we explain what services we can offer you. No concrete answers and solutions will be provided.


Consultation with a Globexs immigration lawyer in which you can expect concrete answers and solutions regarding moving to Spain.

Map view of some of the properties available for rent In Valencia

Closing the circle

We help foreigners invest in the most beautiful city in Spain, a full service package.

With the brand Blue Key we help foreigners invest in property in Valencia, and with the brand Nestor we manage their apartment and rentals.

Facebook Group

Expats living and working in Valencia: Expats, digital nomads, and remote workers helping each other!

We are pleased to present this platform where expats in Valencia can help each other. The Facebook group “Expats living and working in Valencia” has thousands of members and is the meeting spot for newly arrived and established expats living and working in Valencia. The group was created to help expats help each other.


The Ultimate Guide to Moving to Valencia

Do you want to move to Valencia? Or have you already moved and you don’t know how to arrange all your papers, what to do in Valencia, how to meet people,…? Don’t worry, we have created the Ultimate Guide To Moving To Valencia for you: 32 pages of useful information and case studies about moving to Valencia.

Best of all, this e-book is completely FREE! 

Click below to find a wide selection of articles about Valencia. 

We are pleased to share these useful articles regarding living and investing in Valencia. The articles deal with interesting topics such as retiring in Spain, renting an apartment in Valencia, buying an apartment in Valencia, and much more. 

Digital nomads in Spain

Globexs is the first relocation company specialized in providing a flexible housing solution to digital nomads in Spain. 

Indeed, a lot happened since 1980 when Dolly Parton released the song 9 to 5, and more and more people are trying to avoid the standard 9-5 model of work. In fact, by 2035 there will be an estimated 1 billion digital nomads roaming the planet.

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