Life as a student in Valencia

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and is the centre of some of the country’s most historic and natural landscapes. If you are looking forward to enrolling in a university in Valencia, rejoice, as there are many renowned universities in Valencia to choose from. However, I know that’s not enough to convince you, is it?

Today’s students are looking for more than just quality education. They need places to unwind, recreate, make new friends and hang out. 

To help you get a better idea of what life is like in Valencia, here are some points of interest. 

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Search for history in the old town

Ciutat Vella of Valencia, also known as the Old Town, has a reputation for being rich in culture and history. Within the brand new and modern Valencia, the Old Town is a place that stands out from its surroundings. 

Not only does it have plenty of monuments and historical buildings to please the eyes of Valencian students, but it is also well equipped with markets, bars and restaurants. Whatever daily life needs you may require, you will find it in the Old Town.

Relax on the beaches

According to research, students who live by the sea can relax and keep their minds fresh, and that’s a necessity when you’re studying a tough curriculum. After a hard day at university, there is nothing better than a quiet and relaxing beach. 

Most Valencian students have easy access to the beaches, especially students from Universidad de Valencia. When you’re tired of studying and need to unwind, you can go to your nearest beach and relax.

Taste the irresistible food

Your student life would be incomplete without tasty food available in and around your university. Native and cultural food is an essential part of any student studying abroad. 

Well, if you are a food lover and have a good tongue for taste and flavour, here’s a word of warning: Valencian food is irresistible. You won’t be able to get enough of the traditional Valencian paella. When you’re done with paella, there’s more; you can start with esgarraet and fideuà — two other iconic Valencian dishes. 

Soak up the pleasant climate

After a hard study session, you need a cool, refreshing walk in the city to unwind. And that’s not possible if the weather outside is scorching or freezing. 

Luckily, the weather in Valencia is pleasant. Winters are mild and calm, which makes your walks in the street a great and refreshing experience. This makes life in Valencia wonderful.

articipate in a tomato fight - yes, you read that right

If you’re looking for something “extraordinary” during your year abroad, how about taking part in a tomato fight? La Tomatina is a real event held in the Valencian town of Buñol. 

The exact origins of this traditional event are unknown. However, it is known to be the biggest food fight on the planet. However, tickets are usually sold out in advance. If you want to take part, make sure you plan ahead and get your tickets early. 

Renting affordable accommodation

Well, you can’t spend all your money on leisure, you also need something for accommodation for your studies. Luckily, accommodation in Valencia is much cheaper compared to other big cities in Spain such as Madrid and Barcelona. 

You can rent a room for as little as 300 euros per month. If you want to cut even more, consider sharing with a friend. 

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We will guide you through the local administration of Valencia. You will learn how to obtain a NIE, empadronamiento and residencia. Furthermore, we also give you insight into what you should do if you want to invest in Valencia or Spain in general. Or do you need help with declaring your VAT? This will also be covered. We will guide you from start to finish!

In the last chapter, we indicate some things that you usually don’t know or expect before moving but which can be interesting to know! On top of all this, some of the expats themselves will also have their say. They share their experiences and stories in the form of case studies.

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