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moving to Valencia

The pros and cons of moving to Valencia, Spain

This article describes the pros and cons of moving to Valencia. If you are number one in the Huffington Post as the best city in the world to live from 11 other cities, then Valencia is the best choice you can make to move.

But it is not entirely clear that it is the best move ever. As everywhere, there are disadvantages, so we are going to use our foreknowledge to look at the pros and cons of moving to Valencia.

Pro #1 - The weather

Like Barcelona, Valencia lies on the east coast of Spain and is protected by the Calderona Mountains. It is almost flat and in the east of the mountains the weather changes drastically. It is warm and it is milder than in the rest of Spain. In summer it is about 5 degrees cooler than in Madrid (that feels like an oven) and in winter it is 5 degrees warmer.

Con #1 - The weather

Valencia can get very humid in winter. For some people this is not a problem, but there is a lot of moisture in the air added to the feeling of warmth. On top of this, the city can go for weeks without rain, so July and August are very hot, in fact, most Spaniards travel north for their summer holidays!

Pro #2 - The food

The pros and cons of moving to Spain ValenciaValencia is home to paella. Many other people will tell you that paella is from their city, but they are wrong. From the beginning the paella comes from the Albufera rice fields in the south of Valencia, you can take a boat around the lake and eat the most delicious paella you have ever tasted. Valencia has many more regional dishes that are rice based, cheap and healthy.

Con #2 - The culture

It is the third city of Spain with about 1 million inhabitants, it does not lack facilities, but if you want to see the latest performances of Radiohead and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, this is not the place. There are not many cinemas and most of the films are dubbed in Spanish. However, the local culture is great, with lots of parties and crazy traditions, but the international culture is definitely lacking.

Pro #3 - The Fallas festival