Flexible temporary housing solutions by Globexs

Flexible temporary housing solutions for sportspeople by Globexs

Rental apartments for professional sportspeople

Hassle-free travel for sports and competitions

Away games are the hardest. Your family, friends and fans are far away. You’re nervous about how thing will go. You have your kit, your essentials, and not much else.

At least make sure you’ve got a good place to stay.

One of the hardest things for professional athletes is the travel. Moving around your country, and even Europe for games every week takes its toll. The better you have your travel organised, the more time you can spend on what’s more important. Winning.

We have worked with FC Antwerp and Beerschot, providing their teams with everything necessary to make sure that they can relax, train, and not have any worries before the game.

Sportspeople have a drive like no-one else, they want to achieve success, and we want to help you reach your goals.

Whether you play for a regional basketball team or for a national hockey team, you know that to be successful, you have to have your mind focussed and ready for the challenge. And that’s where we come in.

Like you, at Globexs we are dedicated to helping sports teams prepare. We want our partners to have everything prepared and ready to go for the moment the competition starts. We make sure that every detail of your travel and accommodation are taken care of to help you win.

What do we offer?

To make sure you are ready for the game. Globexs make sure that every detail is taken care of. We are in contact with all of the major sports and sports training facilities in Valencia and Antwerp.

We offer TOP furnished apartments professional sporters, for the duration of their contract with the team.

Our apartments are fully prepared with the best linens, air conditioning and managed services. We have a dedicated team at the ready to make sure that you can focus on the game ahead.

We’re here to help you win

The accommodation we provide is comfortably furnished, close to the centre and fully managed. When you arrive, you’ll find the very best linens provided by our partner Resuinsa to help you rest well and be ready and be ready for the challenge ahead.

Get Globexs on your team and start focusing on the game.

Question: What do cheerleaders, footballers and basketballers have in common?

Answer: The spirit of competition and the desire to win.

At Globexs we, like you, take winning seriously. We provide TOP temporary accommodation to make sure your team has everything they need to win. And win big. We have the resources to accommodation for sporting teams and we have the space to make sure our clients have everything we need. We provide dedicated staff members, on hand at any time to deal with any problems that might arise.

What exactly is the Globexs Experience?

Well at Globexs we all agree that our main job is making people feel welcome. Globexs is, in essence, a people-company: people working for people. Us working for expats. We sell trust and confidence. We are the little tap on your shoulder and the voice whispering in your ear that everything will be all right. That is the Globexs experience, and that is what distinguishes us from traditional rental companies.

Welcome to Globexs, we are at your service...


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