Top 5 adventures for solo travelers and digital nomads

Solo travelers and digital nomads around the world

There was a time when the travelling solo was rarely considered. Unless it was impossible to avoid it, a woman simply never travelled alone. But today, people of both genders often go on adventures solo. Right now solo travelers and digital nomads are the ambassadors of progress.

Travelling alone does not mean being lonely. Many world travellers tell us that they experience a more authentic experience travelling alone than they ever have while travelling in a group. For example, a person sitting near you in a restaurant is quicker to say hello or to answer a question asked by an individual than they would if you were in a group of 3 or 4 people. 

You are less intimidating and less threatening than you would be if there were several of you.

Expats are not uncommon in our global community. Many consider the money they save going solo is well spent on a luxurious private jet. In this article, we will share with you the top 5 adventures these voyagers enjoy.

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Travelling solo to Paris is an expat paradise. The city is filled with cafes and an array of bistros. The solo visitor is not unexpected and they are made to feel welcome as they tour this beautiful and historical city. If you are a solo traveler and digital nomads you should vist this city.

While in Paris, check out the hugely popular, Franglish. This is set up like the old-fashioned speed dating rooms (only without the dating part). People are seated in small tables for two. The object is for you to learn to speak French better and for your partner to learn to speak English better. When all players are seated the clock begins. You speak French for 7-minutes, then you speak English for 7-minutes, then rotate to the next table. The event is incredibly fun and you are sure to make some friends and have some fun.

Bali - Indonesia

Bali is heavenly for solo travelers and digital nomads. Experience yoga, spirituality, massage, culture and spas. The food is delicious and so inexpensive, you can dine in the best restaurants. Enjoy world-class beaches.

If you are concerned about being alone, begin your trip at Family Guesthouse in Ubid. This is priced low to attract return visitors. It will not take you long to make friends with others who know the best places to visit.

Seville - Spain

Andalusia is everything you have ever heard about Spain. The beautiful architecture, experiencing a bullfighting event, and even Flamenco dancers. The solo traveller can easily get around on foot. The cobblestone alleys lea to fantastic local markets.

Tapas bars are welcoming and often people congregate outside the bar. It is made for meeting new people and having new experiences

Dublin - Ireland

Dublin is one of the friendliest places on Earth. Stroll into an Irish Pub and have a pint or two and soon you will have a host of friends. There is plenty to see and do and it’s all close-by.

Tay at Kilronan House and you are only a short walk from major attractions and lots of helpful folks who will gladly show you around.

Vancouver - Canada

Vancouver is a sunny and warm place with friendly people. If you enjoy outdoor festivals and music fests, this is your destination. Summer months are popular for solo travellers and couch-surfing is a big draw. Folks will rent you a nights sleep on their sofa. You know you are going to meet a lot of fun folks and enjoy Canada’s most entertaining city.

There are many more places for the solo traveller to go. You are only limited by your imagination and knowledge of the globe.

(Article by Wendy Dessler from The Blog Frog)

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