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Unknown but interesting neighbourhoods in Valencia

The Globexs brand “Blue Key Investments“, that is dedicated to helping foreigners buying a property in Valencia, has launched a very interesting series “Unknown but interesting neighbourhoods in Valencia“. In this series Brecht Van De Velde, a Valencia property specialist, visits the lesser known neighbourhoods in Valencia and checks out the quality of life (and the investment opportunities) in each one of them.

Most expats moving to Valencia mostly end up in El Carmen, Canovas, or Ruzafa, but Valencia counts with several neighbourhoods where the quality of life is excellent.

Even though the series was written for a specific audience (foreigners looking for an investment in Valencia), it also gives a very good insight to expats looking for where to live in Valencia. First we talk about the areas that are traditionally very popular and where most expats end up living, and then talk to the neighbourhoods visited by Brecht Van De Velde. 

Areas in Valencia where most expats live


Ruzafa is the bohemian neighborhood of Valencia. It is often called the Soho of Valencia. Ruzafa (or Russafa in Valencian language) is a vibrant neighborhood with bars, restaurants, terraces, shops and galleries from around the world. It is easy to get from here to any area of the city by public transport. Ruzafa is mostly the first choice for foreigners who come to live in Valencia. Read below some interesting articles about Ruzafa:

Ruzafa, fun in the Valencian sun. Read this article.
The centrification of Russafa Valencia. Read this article.

El Carmen

El Carmen is the heart of the city of Valencia. This area is often referred to as “El Carmen”. It is the area between the Main train station (Estación del Norte), the bullfight ring, Calle Colon, the Riu Turia, The Torres de Serrano and the Torres de Quart. El Carmen is growing to be one of the busiest places in Europe for tourism. Shop, bars, cafes, restaurants, winding streets and ancient ruins. It really is one of the finest examples of the Spanish Old Town. Read more about El Carmen:

El Carmen Valencia: Investment in property in the old city center of Valencia. Read the article.


Cabañal is the maritime district of Valencia. Cabañal (or Cabanyal) has turned into one of the most fashionable neighborhoods in Valencia in recent years.
Traditionally El Cabañal was the port area of Valencia, its houses are unique, the locals have a lot of pride in their neighborhood, and for one day every year, the old houses are open to the public to get a taste of the Cabañal, and how life was in the 60s.

With recent investment in tourism by the local government, many of the streets have been pedestrianized and new bars and coffee shops are opening every week. It has become a great new area for tourists and local alike; the streets are clean and free of traffic. The life is relaxed, the food is great, and the soft sea breeze gives the whole area a defining touch. One of the best features of El Cabanyal is that the beach is within five minutes’ walk. Valencia City Centre is actually quite far away from the beach and can take 15-20 minutes in the car. Read more about Cabanyal:

Unknown but interesting neighbourhoods in Valencia

PART 1 - Benimaclet

Versatile, dynamic and unique. Benimaclet is one of the most charming and genuine neighbourhoods in Valencia. The neighbourhood has a “small town” feel although it is a rather big melting pot of cultures where young students and old locals live hand in hand.

Read the article.

PART 2 - Nazaret

Nazaret is a neighbourhood where the past meets the future. It is a district full of contrasts that finally is able to look forward again after decades of status quo. Located between city and port, Nazaret is the next magnet in Valencia’s property market.

Read the article.

PART 3 - Malilla

Malilla, or all places. What could possibly be worth mentioning about this drowsy part on the outskirts of Valencia? Well, for starters that there are many building projects in the pipeline. And that Malilla is one of the seven districts of the Quatre Carreres district.

Read the article.

PART 4 - La Zaïdia

Just outside the old city walls, La Zaïdia is a melting pot of past and present. The apartments in this emerging neighborhood just north of the Turia river bed and the historic centre are often larger and more affordable than in the so-called trendy neighborhoods.

Read the article.

PART 5 - Ayora

Ayora, not to be confused with the municipality to the southwest of Valencia, is one of the many upgraded neighborhoods in the city of Valencia. Families and students live hand in hand in this residential area between the city and the beach.

Read the article.

PART 6 - Benicalap

Have you heard of Benicalap? The chance is rather small. The forgotten district has always been ignored by government, tourism and media. Unfairly. Benicalap is located north of Valencia’s historic centre and the Avenida Peset Aleixandre, south of the Ronda Norte, east of the new stadium Nou Mestalla (more about this later), and west of the district of Rascanya.

Read the article.

PART 7 - Patraix

Patraix, south of the city of Valencia, has always been struggling to find its identity and it now seems that it has finally discovered it. The district continues to follow the trends of big brother Ruzafa, but combines the calm vibe of a local neighborhood with the innovative initiatives from a big town.

Read the article.

PART 8 - Monteolivete

The new Russafa. We consider Monteolivete a no brainer if you are looking for the perfect balance between investment and lifestyle. It is a popular neighborhood with accessible prices that has developed into a part of town with excellent quality of life.

Read the article.

Part 9 - Campanar

Between the high-rises and the boulevards in the northwest of the city lies a hidden gem. One of the best kept secrets of Valencia. Until now. Since the second half of the 1990s, this district has undergone an enormous urban transformation and expansion, thus superseding the orchards and farms in the area.

Read the article.

Part 10 - Nou Moles

Nou Moles is a district that received little attention by property investors in Valencia but is gaining popularity thanks to the proximity of the Turiapark and the Parque de Cabecera. Nou Moles offers plenty of opportunities for real estate at competitive prices.

Read the article.

Where to live in Valencia

After reading this article expats should be able to make up their mind about where to live in Valencia. Valencia has so much to offer. In this article we have talked about many different neighbourhoods, but in fact the differences between them are relatively small, as well as the physical distances between them. Valencia is relatively small, and almost every neighborhood offers an excellent level of quality of life. 

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