Digital nomads in Spain

Valencia and Barcelona are the most popular destinations for digital nomads in Spain.

The rise of the Digital Nomad

The internet has brought new opportunities and employment types that didn’t exist until recently. For many, the internet has offered an opportunity to combine work and traveling the world. The term Digital Nomads refers to this growing group of people.  Digital Nomads are people that use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and conduct an independent and nomadic lifestyle.

Digital Nomads are mostly business owners or freelance contractors, but also "satellite employees” can fit the requirements. Web developers, Travel writers, translators, social media consultants, online marketeers, graphical designers, online tutors, online shopkeepers, etc. are the most obvious professions that allow a nomadic lifestyle. However there are plenty of ways to work online that will allow you to live where you want, it is just a matter of finding the right way for you.

Digital nomads in Spain

Digital Nomads in Spain

Working online allows Digital Nomads to travel the world, meet amazing people and to temporarily settle in their favourite city. Amongs Digital Nomads Spain is becoming more popular every day. More and more Digital Nomads discover Valencia and Barcelona as a perfect place to enjoy their modern work lifestyle, and are using Globexs for their accommodation needs.

Why do Digital Nomads choose Valencia or Barcelona? Beyond the obvious reasons such as the great climate, the presence of the beach and the metropolitan charm, both cities qualify perfectly as a digital nomad destination for the following reasons: easy accommodation, easy living and easy working. In the end, what digital nomads care about is cost of living, climate, fun, and internet speed. So yeah... let's move to Barcelona or Valencia!

Accommodation for Digital Nomads in Spain

In Spain the concept of temporary rentals is widespread, but still digital nomads find it difficult to find affordable flexible rentals. Globexs is the first relocation company in Spain specialized in providing a flexible housing solution to digital nomads. Accommodation in Valencia is considerably cheaper than in Barcelona, as well as the general cost of living. Not all digital nomads travel on the same budget and Globexs offers rental apartments in all price ranges. For stays between 1-6 months Globexs garantees the best prices for a furnished apartment in both Valencia and Barcelona. Of course... with high speed internet included in the rental price. That goes without saying. 

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Health and social life in Spain

Taking your business on the road leads to a lot of uncertainty in many aspects. On of them is staying healthy when you put your body under stress by moving around and having your friend far away. Luckily Valencia is not the worst place in the world to fall ill. Health care is very accessible and is completely free. Of course digital nomads need to register at the town hall when moving to Spain (Empadronar). For European this is a formality. Digital nomads rank Barcelona higher than Valencia when it comes to fun and social life. This is completely understandable because Barcelona is a much bigger city than Valencia, and far more multicultural. 

Achieving productivity in Spain

Achieving productivitiy is the main challenge for a digital nomad, and yes, it is perfectly possible to have a good balance between your work-life and social life in Spain too. Both Valencia and Barcelona offer the right infrastructure to guarantee a productive stay.

  1. Wifi: The lifestyle of a digital domad depends completely on finding a reliable, fast connection. A consistent high-speed internet connection is the biggest frustration for Digital Nomads. In Valencia fast internet is rarely a problem. ONO, as in most parts of Spain, offer reliable high speed fibre optic internet at reasonable prices.

  2. Coworking: Every month new coworking spaces pop up in Valencia and Barcelona offering tailored solutions to digital nomads. Prices in both cities are similar for a coworking space: between 150€-200€ per month. Globexs can recommend the best spaces according to the location of your apartment.

Digital Nomads in Spain, Globexs can help you!

At Globexs we understand the daily challenges digital nomads are facing. It is a glamourous lifestyle but flexibility that can sometimes overwhelm when any option is available, and few people understand exactly what you’re doing (Your family probably think you are in a “phase”). But we understand exactly what you are doing and we envy and admire nomadic lifestyle! Digital nomads in Spain and Belgium partner with Globexs.


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