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Globexs social responsability program

Sustainable and responsible living

Globexs is committed to create a better and safer environment for its customers and workers. We are aware that it is our responsability as a company to create a positive awareness amongst our customers and workers regarding responsible living (and working), with respect for the environment and the human values that we share at Globexs. In 2014 we took a big step in the right direction by entering a partnership with Global Footprint Network (see below). It has been proven a strong tool to create awareness amongst our customers regarding a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

But we have also taken steps in other directions regarding social and environmental sustainability. Globexs s experiencing a culture of development, which means that everyone in the team, as well as all partner and agents are regarded as results, not as resources. These are the values of the Globexs culture of development: Autonomy - Continuous learning - Equality - Enthousiasm - Flexibility - Innovation - Responsability.

How do we make Globexs greener?

1. Customer awareness: See below: we charge our customers for exagerated energy costs and donate half of this amount to Global Footprint Network.

2. Owner awareness: In 2014 we started working closely together with a architect office in Brussels, specialized in energy reduction and sustainable homes. With practical tips we stimulate the owners to make their apartment more energy efficient.

3. Greener operations: We are trying to make our operations more green with a range of small adjustments (reducing paper-use, encourage employees to take public transport, LED lightning, energy audits, etc.. 

Ecological footprint of our customers

Globexs is very concerned about the ecological footprint that the short term rentals generate. We try to make our customers (and the flat owners) aware of the ecological footprint they leave behind, and we try to promote the concept of eco friendly responsible living. That is why we have signed a partnership with Global Footprint Network. Our customers never get to see the energy bills (electricity, water, gas) of the flats that they stay in. That is why it is easy to forget to turn off the AC or heating when they leave the apartment. For a selection of Globexs apartments (green apartments) we have determined an IRC value. The IRC is an indicator of the energy-consumption of an apartment, when it is being used under normal circumstances.

If the energy consumption of the guest exceeds the IRC-value, the difference will be deducted from the deposit. Half of this amount is donated to Global Footprint Network.

Considering the capacity of an apartment this IRC-value can vary, but it usually corresponds with an electricity bill of 60€/month or 15€/week, unless mentioned otherwise under the terms and conditions of the apartment. 

IRC = Indicator of reasonable energy consumption = the energy consumption of a flat when used with respect for the environment.

How is the IRC calculated?

The IRC is calculated in such a way that whoever uses the apartment in a responsible way will not exceed the IRC. This means:
- Turning off the lights and fans when leaving the flat.
- Using the AC in a responsible way.
- Using the electrical heating in a responsible way. 

How does it work?

Very simple: When guests arrive at the apartment, we take a picture of the electricy meter. When the guest checks out we do the same and we calculate the electricity bill for the duration of the rental. If this amount is superior to the IRC the difference is deducted from the deposit. And Globexs donates on a monthly basis half of this amount to Global Footprint Network. 

Who is Global Footprint Network?

Global Footprint Network is an international think tank working to advance sustainability through use of the Ecological Footprint, a resource accounting tool that measures how much nature we have, and how much we use. This tool is unique in making planetary overshoot measurable through detailed resource accounts for nations, cities and individuals. By working with governments, investors and opinion leaders Global Footprint Network demonstrates the advantages of making ecological limits central to decision-making. During its ten-year history, Global Footprint Network has engaged with 57 national governments on six continents with one overarching goal: that all people live well, within the means of one planet.

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