Multinationals in Antwerp: Some of the most important companies in Antwerp

Multinationals in Antwerp: Some of the most important companies in Antwerp

Antwerp, in the heart of Europe, is one of the fastest growing European cities, outstripping the EU Area itself with 2.7% growth year on year, mostly via the Port of Antwerp, but also from the surrounding areas which are bringing huge amounts of business to the city. Due to Antwerp’s location, its recent investment in efficiency, and renewed interest from businesses in the far east; the city has seen record figures in 2016 and is set to do more in 2017.

This opens up a huge scope for jobs and growth, bringing talented professionals to Antwerp to work on world-class systems, both, indirect employment as well for companies providing tertiary services. Why? Some of the EU’s largest multinational companies are based in Antwerp and are actively seeking out new talent from around the world.

In this post we provide an honest preamble of the most important companies in and around Antwerp, and also links to their websites’ featured careers pages:


Total’s largest refinery is based out of the port of Antwerp. The complex has recently undergone a €1.2billion upgrade, combining three different parts of the complex into one integrated refinery to meet the demand for lower sulfur, lighter fuels. With its new capacity of 330,000 barrels a day of petrochemicals, refined from crude which is delivered by pipeline from the port of Rotterdam, the Total refinery is fundamental to the port Antwerp and is one of the best-performing companies in Antwerp.

Total has a dedicated strategy to bring new talent to the company which can be found at this page. From chemicals engineers to the most sophisticated management experience, Total has a constant need to recruit and train the best staff across Europe.


Aquafin was initially a governmental project set up by the Flemish civil service. Working out of Antwerp, Aquafin provides wastewater treatment infrastructure both in design and implementation. Internationally, Aquafin provides consultancy and know-how on sewerage systems to local government. Since its establishment in 1990, its capacity has doubled to provide sanitation for the 3.8 million inhabitants of the Flanders region.

Aquafin produces a newsletter with information on their latest employment opportunities (page in Dutch), requiring talent in human resources, operational technicians and management.


Originally from Antwerp and now based in Mortsel, Agfa has three main business wings; supplying industrial printing hardware, medical screening and imaging, and the speciality wing provides chemical photo-film equipment for niche industries such as aerial and movie photography. It is a world-beating company, offering leading-edge photo technology with a keen understanding of its clients through it deep know-how and its constant innovation and search for talent throughout the world.

Agfa has a knack for using job search features containing positions across the world.


Throughout its 120-year history, CMB has shown agility and innovation to maintain growth in an industry that can change quickly. Key investments throughout the last 20 years leave CMB with 4 prolific business areas in container shipping, dry-bulk shipping, chemical tankers, and aviation; through its Dublin based subsidiary ASL.

CMB receives applications through their dedicated jobs page and has opportunities available across the business including their third-party shipment managers.


Truvo provides services to over 10 million people through local advertising. With 500 employees and their headquarters in Antwerp, the company has invested time and has taken strategic business decisions in the face of a rapidly changing market. With the decrease in demand and sales for the Yellow Pages, which was Truvo’s flagship product, the company has now invested heavily in the digital markets, providing cloud-based software for publicity and marketing.

The focus of Truvo has readjusted to the Belgian market through their Goudengids (Golden Pages) search facility.


Having undergone a series of takeovers, VLM airlines has been relaunched following an unsuccessful - and now folded venture by Thomas Cook. Now under the umbrella of SHS Aviation, the company is based out of Antwerp and with operations restarted in November 2017, the company is now moving towards a better future and is now running routes throughout Europe, expect to see more of this company as it shakes off the rough recent years.


One of the top 500 companies in the world, with a $45b annual revenue, Anheuser-Busch is quite simply Belgium’s biggest company, headquartered in Leuven, 40km outside Antwerp. With brands such as Budweiser, Becks and Carling, AB controls a market share of 20% in worldwide beer sales. Following the merger of Belgium’s 2 largest breweries in 1987, the InBev corporation acquired Anheuser-Busch in 2008 and since then has gone on to merge breweries from around the world. The brand is their key asset, they are agile, modern, and pay detailed attention to corporate social responsibility.

AB provide global management training programs through their careers page. There are hundreds of worldwide opportunities throughout every area of their business.

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