Furnished temporary rentals for expats

Rentals for expats and companies

Globexs is specialized in furnished temporary rentals worldwide. Affordable rentals, all on 1 bill, no hassle. Our customers are expats, digital nomads, teleworkers, business travellers and companies sending employees abroad.

Besides a large portfolio of furnished temporary rentals we offer relocation services and legal immigration assistance.

At Globexs we are passionate about helping people relocate

What are the advantages of renting an apartment with Globexs and why are we different from other rental companies? 

Flexible rental contracts

We understand that our clients need flexibility. The Globexs rental contracts are as flexible as possible. It is easy to extend or shorter the duration of the rental.

How much does it cost?

In the rental price everything is included: all expenses such as gas, water, wifi, electricity, etc. There is only 1 monthly bill. Globexs offers corporate packages.

Corporate relocation solutions

We have hundreds of apartments in many destinations. If you do not find what you are looking for on this website we will contact our database and make you a personalized quotation.

All kind of furnished temporary rentals

All apartments are carefully selected and meet the Globexs standards in terms of features and location. Every apartment offers the authentic Globexs Experience

Furnished apartments
Workers apartment

Accommodation for workers

When your company starts a project abroad there is a lot to organize. The biggest challenge is finding appropriate accommodation for the staff. For short projects the obvious choice is a hotel or an aparthotel, but for extended stays furnished apartments are much more interesting.

Globexs offers accommodation solutions for your staff regardless of the duration of the project. For very short stays Globexs has corporate agreements with hotels (business hotels, motels, B&B) with preferential rates and conditions. For stays between 1-12 months Globexs offers packages of short term furnished apartments.

Rentals for expats and digital nomads

Expats moving abroad need flexible housing solutions. Most expats know when they arrive but they do not know when they leave. The duration of their assignment is often uncertain. Globexs apartments are the answer: furnished temporary rentals, ready to move in, flexible rental contracts, and of course… fast wifi.