Temporary housing for companies and professionals

Despite all luxuries, hotels can never really be a home. When heading on extended business trips, it is important to be comfortable. Otherwise, the quality of work and overall productivity will suffer too. This is where corporate housing comes in.

Whether your employee is relocating for one or 11 months, it is a great option that won’t only save you money but also your nerves. Forget about all the hassle that comes with moving! Temporary housing for companies is an all-inclusive solution that won’t disappoint. 

In this article, we cover everything you need to know about corporate housing for companies.

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What is corporate housing?

Corporate apartments, serviced apartments, temporary apartments, and short-term rentals – are just a few examples of what you will hear corporate housing being called. With so many terms, understanding what it means can be challenging. However, the idea behind corporate housing is simple – it is a full-service solution that includes full-service amenities. 

Hotel stays are not always a great option when you are on an extended business trip since there is no kitchen and only limited facilities. With corporate housing, on the contrary, you get a fully furnished apartment (or a house) that may also include access to various building amenities.

The advantages of corporate housing vs traditional hotel stays

Pay less

On short business trips, staying in a hotel or a rental can seem convenient. But if your employees are going away for a longer time, choosing corporate housing is a much more budget-friendly option. 

With hotels, costs can add up, therefore, it is more advantageous to rent a place for a few weeks or months and enjoy greater living space as well as better amenities.

Move-in immediately

One of the best parts about corporate housing is that it comes fully furnished and features everything you might need to have a comfortable stay. Kitchen supplies and appliances, cozy decor, bed linens, electronics, towels, WiFI – you name it! 

When moving for a short term, it may not always be possible to provide your furnishings, which is why corporate housing is such an excellent option. Unlike hotels or homestay networks, temporary housing can be your home away from home.

Exceptional customer service

It is no secret that renting an apartment can be a stressful experience. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and you never know what can go wrong. For this reason, it is essential to have high-quality customer service that can assist you when things aren’t going as smoothly. 

Unfortunately, with regular apartments or homestay networks – that is not always possible. It’s not uncommon to wait for days or even weeks to receive proper help. By choosing corporate housing, your company is guaranteed to get exceptional customer service.

Our staff members always go above and beyond to meet the needs of our clients. So whether you need help around the apartment or wish to seek advice on the best restaurants and events around the town, our team is here to help!

Better location

Most hotels are set in the city center or nearby main tourist sites. When heading on a business trip, being close to the most popular attractions probably won’t be your priority. On the contrary – having an apartment that is conveniently close to the city’s business district will be much more important. 

Since corporate housing is aimed at companies and employees, the rentals can usually be found right amid all action, so you don’t have to waste time heading back and forth to your office.

Less stress, more ease

While traveling is great, it can at times be stressful too. This is especially true with business trips. Heading to a new location comes with its challenges. Corporate housing can significantly reduce stress and improve the overall experience of living in a new city or even country. 

When we’re feeling uncomfortable, it is much more difficult to stay focused. With corporate housing, you will feel at home (although you may be far away from it). That can help with productivity.

Flexible conditions

In business, being flexible is key to success. One of the biggest benefits of corporate housing is that rental agreements can be personalized depending on your company’s needs.

With a temporary contract, it is much easier to lengthen your stay (if needed). Before signing a contract, you can always negotiate the terms and opt for an agreement on a weekly or month-to-month basis.

Many options to choose from

There are several advantages of corporate housing vs traditional hotel stays for companies and employees, but one of the best parts about it is that you get several options to choose from. 

The accommodations can come in many different styles. At Globexs, we offer studios, multi-bedroom flats, luxury flats, garden houses, flats with private parking, and other options. For this reason, it is easy to find a stay that fits your taste, needs, and budget.

Safety comes first

Although hotels usually pride themselves on their tight security, burglaries still happen. In local newspapers’ pages, it is not uncommon to find stories on theft in reputable accommodations. Most hotels are set in touristic, crime-driven areas. Corporate houses, on the other hand, are located in safe neighborhoods, and there’s almost no information of any security breaches. 

Typically, corporate housing includes the latest security equipment, so you or your employees don’t have to worry about having sleepless nights.

Furry friends can join you

For most people, furry friends are not just their pets – they are family members. Expats moving abroad need flexible housing solutions. Unfortunately, hotels and homestay networks aren’t always pleased to welcome four-legged friends.

If you are a pet owner, corporate apartments will be an excellent choice because they include everything your cat, dog, or any other pet might need for a comfortable stay. Just make sure to inquire before!

Forget about getting homesick! When you stay at corporate housing, there won’t be a single worry on your mind. Once you are ready to relocate, reach out to us, and we will happily assist in finding the perfect accommodation!

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