Destination in the spotlight: Ghent

Why remote workers choose Ghent

Ghent is an amazing city. It is the third largest city of Belgium. This city has everything that you need. There is great infrastructure, lots of culture, great nightlife,…and most of all, fast WiFi! We understand why remote workers choose Ghent as a homebase. Keep reading if you are considering Belgium as your next destination and are interested in knowing more.

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Public transport

There are lots of possibilities to get around town in Ghent as it has great infrastructure.

By Foot

Ghent isn’t too big of a city, this makes it very convenient to get around by foot. The city centre is mostly a car-free zone. This gives you the possibility to go to lunch or shopping without busy traffic. 

In Ghent, nothing is far away. Bars, restaurants, shops, museums, markets,… everything is just a stone’s throw away. This makes it very easy to discover the city by foot. The city keeps investing in broader foothaths, crossroads and a general road safety for citizens.


The city is building more and more guarded bicycle lockers, for safety. It is easy to get around on a bike in Ghent. On most pedestrian streets it is allowed to bike, as long as the pedestrians aren’t impeded.

Train, buses and trams

In Ghent you have trains, buses and trams. There are two main train stations in Ghent: Ghent Dampoort and Ghent Sint-Pieters. This makes Ghent easily accessible by train.

Buses and trams are organized by De Lijn. They drive from early in the morning until late at night. You can buy your tickets through your phone. A day pass is probably the cheapest solution if you only take the bus or tram occasionally.

Eating and nightlife

Ghent is a great place to eat out and go to a bar or pub. There are plenty of options and you sure won’t be bored.

There is also a market every Sunday morning. This is ideal for grocery shopping. The pedestrian area is great for shopping too. Ghent actually has the largest pedestrian shopping area in Flanders! However, most shops close on a Sunday.

Daily greens

Belgian people love to hang out outside (although the weather isn’t allowing it too often). However, Ghent has lots of parks to meet for a picnic or a barbecue. Some of the most famous ones are:


This is a sports and recreation Park and a true green jewel in Ghent. It has large sports and leisure opportunities and you will enjoy yourself here guaranteed.


This is located just outside Ghents ring road and is a marvellous nature reserve. It is a unique and open landscape of wet grasslands, ditches and streams.

Botanical Garden

This belongs to the University of Ghent. You can come here and enjoy the beauty of the many flowers and plants. 

There are many green jewels to choose from in and around the city. You have Citadel park and smaller hidden green spots.


Many parks in Ghent have public BBQS. You can use them from April 1 until October 1. They all come with an information post! This is perfect for hanging out with friends or family!


Ghent is filled with culture. The old city town is even home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Many historic buildings are a fine example of medieval architecture, for example the Saint Bavo Cathedral and the old Graslei harbour.


Ghent has a small-town feel to it. All the famous attractions are within walking distance from one another. As mentioned before, walking is a very convenient way to get around town. The city also encourages visionary architectural projects to show character. For example: City Pavilion, also known as Stadshal, is located in the historical centre of Ghent. The futuristic monument really stands out.


Ghent has many museums, everyone can find something to his or her liking. This is an extra plus!


Almost every neighbourhood has its own smaller library. Not only can you rent books, you can also borrow movies, music, magazines,… You will find whatever you need.



Ghent is very family-friendly. People will always help you with a stroller! There are also tons of playgrounds, parks, walking paths,… This city is perfect for families with small children!

Startup hotspot

Ghent is an energetic and dynamic city. You have a movie scene, a fashion scene,… etc. There are also attempts to make Ghent the new place to be for startups and tech companies! The tech sector in Ghent is booming! Did you know that Ghent actually scores 2nd place in Belgium and 163 worldwide for startups? This is based on its startup ecosystem.

Port of Ghent

Ghent is home to the Port of Ghent as well. This is part of the North Sea Port. This creates lots of opportunities! The port of Ghent is the third busiest port of Belgium. Just Google Job opportunities Ghent and you will find a list of companies looking for workers!

Where to live as an expat in Ghent


Patershol is the ancient quarter in Ghent. It comes with tons of restaurants, galleries and cafes. The streets here are made of cobblestone which helps to give you that ancient atmosphere. At Patershol you sure won’t be bored. 

Does living in the heart of the old city centre sound like something for you? Check out Vintage, one of our favourite apartments in Ghent for expats.


Here, life is all about its square. You can get fresh flowers every day. On Sunday an even more expansive plant market strikes down. This tradition has existed since the 18th century. Some say that Kouter is “the garden of all Gentenaars”. 

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Miljoenenkwartier is dutch for Millionaires quarter, which tells you almost everything that you have to know. This area was built for the Nouveaux riches of Ghent. It distinguishes itself by luxurious mansions in Art Deco, Art Nouveau style. A lot of them also enjoy a view over a green park. It is a quiet neighbourhood, perfect for families who want to live in the city.


This neighbourhood is flanked by canals on either side. This is the former industrial district and it is more quiet. You will find pastel coloured townhouses and lofts here. This area is great for living and biking as the waterside location consists of large trees and a boulevard-feel.

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DOK Noord

This abandoned dockside neighbourhood is becoming an urban hotspot. There are brand-new apartments, shops, art galleries, flea markets, bars and charming eateries. You can expect events such as roller-blade parades, open air discos, silent discos, workshops,… to stroll down here. It is a fun neighbourhood to live in. 

As you can read, Ghent is a vibrant city with young and trendy vibes. The open mindset of the people here will make you feel welcome and accepted. This will make you build up a social life quite fast. Go out, have some fun and connect. Globexs guarantees you a successful remote working experience in this city.

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