How to meet other remote workers in Bilbao

Remote workers in Bilbao

Bilbao is a place where you will be spoiled in all kinds of ways. You have a wide choice of things to do “after” work. Bilbao has many things to offer, culture, good food, nice people, nature,… these are just a few things of it’s beauty. It is a place where you sure won’t be bored. You have endless bars filled with people who know how to enjoy themselves. However, we will warn you: you might never want to leave!

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Bilbao is a dream for remote workers and digital nomads. The local government in Bilbao has been partnering with Google since 2017, with the idea of promoting the digitalization of the city through non-profit corporations.  They already have a network of over 113 hotspots, with coverage for every single neighbourhood in the city! 

However, Bilbao did not stop at providing free, city-wide Wi-Fi.  Bilbao council stays ahead of the game, and set up one of its most impressive initiatives yet: Big Bilbao, which allows the intelligence system of the city to take advantage of Big Data to research and nurture original, innovative business ideas and opportunities. This virtual infrastructure is helping to progress the digital transformation of the city to new and even higher levels. 

This has led to more and more jobs created in the field of Big Data and related employment. This is on a more interesting level for digital nomads and remote workers in Bilbao. You can find these on job seeking websites such as glassdoor, indeed, infojobs, jooble or LinkedIn to only name a few.


There are more than 40 coworking spaces for remote workers in Bilbao. Finding good coworking couldn’t be easier here! Of course, there are various types of facilities, located in different neighbourhoods, although, as you might expect, they tend to be more towards the centre of the city.  

Both of these factors will obviously have an affect on the pricing policy of each space.  After a quick check I found a place called Euskalworking new 2020 that was only €100 per month for a fixed place desk, but it goes without saying that the offices are not in the centre of Bilbao.  

For that you could try Icaza collaborando, who offer a non-fixed desk, but with bags more services for what seems a very reasonable €110 per month, especially when you take into account that it’s only a three-minute walk from the Guggenheim museum.  You may be more interested in a daily rate, for example Alzola offers a rate of €15+ tax per day.  There are also well known options, such as Bilbao Lab and welink.  But I suggest you use your superior tech skills and check out the fast-expanding availability yourselves.

Take a break

Let’s stop working for a minute and get down to enjoying ourselves. Bilbao is more than just free wifi and good coworking spaces. While not at work, this is a great place to network and connect with others. The best way to meet other remote workers in Bilbao is by going out.

There are so many networking events organised every week, month and year to meet new and like minded people. With them you can share knowledge, skills, opinions and experiences. Events like Bilbao You Week, at Bilborock for creators of digital YouTube content and places like Espacio Open, situated on the exciting transformed island of Zorrozaurre, in the estuary of Bilbao, which organises markets, events, tech fairs and a cornucopia of other events like Fab Lab, marrying tech and culture.

As you can read, Bilbao is full of options and opportunities for remote workers and digital nomads. This city has great infrastructure and is on the next step when it comes to tech and startups. If you need any help with your relocation, don’t hesitate to contact Globexs.

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remote workers in Bilbao

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