Neighbourhoods in Valencia: Ciutat Vella and Eixample

Where to live in Valencia?

Valencia consists of 19 districts. Sometimes it is difficult to tell them apart, especially if you do not know the city yet. Some districts are also more fun, popular and safer than others. Today we take you to Ciutat Vella, the old city centre of Valencia and L’eixample. These are two of the most popular districts of Valencia.

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Ciutat Vella

Neighbourhoods in ValenciaThe old town is full of culture to begin with. There is no building that does not have a story attached to it. Ciutat Vella is exactly where the city centre once used to be. Some historic buildings even belong to the UNESCO world heritage. 

This district was once a walled city and is made up of five small barrios. The best known is El Carmen. This neighbourhood is a mix of old and new. These pretty cobbled streets are home to lots of museums, cafes and vintage stores. 

For nightlife, this is also your place to be! You will find all kinds of clubs and bars as well as some great live music venues. 

The Ciutat Vella is home to palaces, monasteries, churches,… all set around the Mercat Central and the Cathedral. Nowadays, it is largely pedestrianised, which attracts a lot of Valencia central tourist attractions.

The neighbourhood is super lively thanks to all the restaurants, bars and dance cafes in this area. The small, narrow streets have their walls covered in art form local creators. This gives a funky vibe to this area. 

As the streets are narrow, the buildings are built close to each other. This means that usually, the lower floors don’t catch a lot of sunlight. 

The old centre is a wonderful place for sightseeing. However, you won’t find many supermarkets here.

On top of all this it is a safe area, also at night. The area rarely presents residents with safety concerns. If you want to indulge yourself in the Spanish and Valencian culture, Ciutat Vella is a good place to live. You can live here between ancient buildings and wake up to the bells of the Cathedral. Do keep in mind that in summer, tourists are visiting!


Neighbourhoods in ValenciaEixample, is a neighbourhood where traditionally, Valencias aspire to live. It is divided into three areas: Ruzafa, Gran Vía and Pla del Remei. It is close to the centre of Valencia, but at the same time, it is a residential area. 

The streets here are wider, which means that the apartments here tend to catch more sunlight, even on the first floor. 

First we have Ruzafa, located in the south of Ciutat Vella. Formerly, this was a working-class neighbourhood, but thanks to the renovations it became one of the sought-after neighbourhoods of Valencia. 

The area is home to many vintage stores, great bars and some amazing restaurants! If you are looking for a more trendy and hipster neighbourhood, this is your place to be! This area is also very well connected by public transport like the bus and metro! 

Pros: Very multicultural neighbourhood and super close to the old city centre. 

Cons: Few green areas, difficult to find a parking spot and expensive rentals! 

Next up: Gran Vía area. This area is more expensive as it is chic and high class. You will find many private schools here as well as luxury residences. 

One of the amazing attractions that Gran Vía has to offer is the beautiful Mercado De Colón. This is an old food market where you can find lots of bars. Of course, we cannot forget Conde Altea in Gran Vía, which is home to some of the best restaurants in the city. 

Pros: Quiet residential area, located close to the city centre. If you have a good income this is the perfect neighbourhood. 

Cons: Difficult to park here and it has expensive rentals. 

Last but not least we have El Pla del Remei. Here you find plenty of public transport such as bus stations and metro stations. It is, just like Gran Vía, a chic and high class neighbourhood, which means that you won’t find a cheap rental here either. 

Pros: Close to Turia Park and the city centre. 

Cons: Expensive rentals and difficult to find a parking spot. 

The Eixample area is also very popular by foreign buyers thanks to the location and traditional facades. On top of this, it has a big network of bike paths, since Valencia expanded its system! 

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