Gemeubelde appartementen en relocatie diensten voor expats

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Bilbao - A thriving expat community in a cool Spanish city

Ever wondered about moving to Spain but don’t want to tread the same old beaten track that everyone else has? Let us introduce you to Bilbao. An exquisitely modern, intriguingly urban, lush green city, with the summer heat of Spain.

Bilbao, right in the middle of the Basque country is one of the most entertaining cities in Spain, and what makes it even more special is largely unknown to expats and tourists. For various reasons:

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Temporary rentals in antwerp for expats

Temporary rentals in Antwerp for expats and companies

At Globexs we are specialized in temporary rentals in Antwerp (and many other cities) for foreign companies. In Antwerp we rent apartments to companies that are looking for a very specific kind of housing: short term, flexible, and affordable accommodation for their expats and workers.

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The Globexs Experience

At our main office in Valencia we often ask ourself the following 2 questions:

Who are our customers and what do they expect from us? What is the Globexs experience and who appreciates it?

Both questions are related and obvious from a marketing and businessplan point of view, but they are at the same time very different. While the first question is relatively easy to answer, the second one requires "out of the box"-thinking.

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Living in Valencia: Why is it better to live in Valencia than in Madrid or Barcelona

Living in Valencia offers a host of benefits; it’s hot, it’s fun, it’s on the coast, and most of all, you get a lot more for your money. In this post we’ll give you some of the reasons why it’s better to live in Valencia than in Madrid or Barcelona.

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Digital nomads in Valencia: A popular city on the coast of Spain

Digital nomads in Valencia would certainly agree. If you work from home, you can choose where you want to live. Valencia is one of the most perfect cities to mix work-life balance. If you can choose where to live Valencia is your best choice. At least that is our humble opinion.

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A guide to corporate relocation and how to manage it effectively

Your corporate travel management in one place.

At Globexs we know that corporate travel and relocation can be one of the biggest expenses and also a human resources challenge. We have years of expertise in making sure that what you need for your corporate relocation is taken care of and that your staff are able to hit the ground running, increasing their productivity and the pleasure of their work.

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Globexs bestemmingen voor expats

Spanje - Accommodatie voor expats

Appartementen en villas te huur voor expats in Spanje

Costa Brava

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Benelux - Accommodatie voor expats

Accommodatie voor expats in België en Nederland

Belgische kust
Den Haag

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Scandinavie - verhuur voor expats

Appartementen voor expats in Scandinavië


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Europa - Expat huisvesting

Huisvesting en diensten voor expats in Europa


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Verhuizen naar Amerika

Verhuizen naar Amerika.

Los Angeles
New York

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Expats in de wereld

Huisvesting voor expats overal ter wereld.


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Globexs provide housing for Royal Antwerp Football Club Digital nomads in Spain count on Globexs Hard Rock Café uses Globexs for housing in Valencia