Rent your apartment to expats

Become a Globexs partner and rent your apartment to expats.

Rent your flat to expats


Globexs (GLOBAL EXPATRIATE SERVICES SL) offers quality relocation services to expats, digital nomads and professionals. Globexs helps expats to find affordable furnished rental accommodation (1-6 months).

Do you own an apartment?

Are you the owner of a furnished apartment in Spain, Benelux, France, Portugal or another popular expat destinations in Europe (or are you an agency managing several apartments)? You can submit an application to rent to expats and become a Globexs partner.

Not all apartments are suitable for the expat rental market (expats are usually looking for specific quality standards), but we are happy to check the possibilities for you.


Submit an application to rent to expats



Being a Globexs partner means:

- access to minimal risk rentals for periods between 1-6 months.
- you rent your apartment to professionals, not to tourists.
- a high monthly rental income with minimal risks.
- comfortable payments through Globexs.
- no paperwork: Globexs takes care of the contracts and deposits.
- optionally the owner can use Globexs for property management services (cleaning and guest welcoming)


Globexs owners rent to expats

Temporary rentals for expats

Short term (1-6 months) rental accommodation, fully furnished, all expenses included: business apartments, luxury condos, workers accommodation, etc.

Immigration legal assistance

Visa applications, work permits, residence permits, property investments, bank accounts, etc.

Property management

Cleaning, maintenance, linen services, entries, exits, deposits, etc.


Owners rent to expats with Globexs

Why do expats choose Globexs?

Expats choose Globexs because we offer quality housing and relocation services anywhere in Europe. Globexs is a one stop solution for international companies, digital nomads and travellers.

Why do owners choose Globexs?

Owners choose Globexs because they earn a high monthly rental income with minimal risk. 

Contact us today if you want to know more about renting your apartment with Globexs.


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