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Every year thousands of foreigners invest in a second home in Spain. The concept of a second home in Spain is more popular than ever. The crisis in Spain has dropped the prices of the properties but the rentals remain relatively high, especially in the tourist areas. Spain has profited from the political problems in the other countries around the Mediterranean. At Globexs we believe that it is a great moment to invest in Spain. This page is written for foreigners looking for an interesting investment or second home in Spain.

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Calpe December 2015

Blue Key Investments

Under the brand "Blue Key Investments" Globexs offers assistance to foreigners looking for a property investment in Valencia. 

Blue Key InvestmentsBlue Key investments was founded in 2017 as a sister company of Globexs (Global Expatriate Services SL). The owners of Blue Key are the same people behind Globexs: Lodewijk Cuypers (senior property investment consultant) and Tiscar Navarro (Property investment lawyer).

Blue Key was founded to offer specific solutions to the requests that we were receiving from our Globexs customers. Since 2012 foreigners and expats in Valencia have been using Globexs for their accommodation needs (short term rentals), and legal immigration assistance. In recent years we receiving more and more requests for property investments in Valencia, and that is not a coincidence, because Valencia has become one of the most interesting and popular places to invest in Europe.

Now is a good time to invest in Valencia. Property prices are still low, but demand is increasing and prices are slowly rising again. Investors are moving quickly and search the market for interesting deals before it is too late. At Blue Key we have a firm engagement with our customers: The property of their dreams, at a minimal risk, with a perspective to an interesting ROI.

We are lawyers and property finders, and above all your people of trust. Investing in Spain is all about trust, about knowing that you are not taking any financial risks. Our customers are foreigners looking for a second home in Spain.


After the purchase we maximize the rentability of the investment by offering the property on the short stay rental market. We take care of everything: we publish the property on our website and take care of the property management part (cleaning, entries, payments, etc...).

A to Z assistance

Globexs assists you through the complete buying process. Globexs is a specialized agency helping our customers finding the right investment according to their budget and expectations. We work together with qualified real estate agencies in Valencia City and Costa Blanca. These are the services you can expect from us if you want to buy a property in Valencia or the Costa Blanca.

You need a lawyer when you buy in Spain

Tiscar Navarro English speaking lawyer at GlobexsIt is now the right time to buy a property in Spain, but it can be a stressfull operation, especially if you do not speak the language. You need a lawyer that speaks your language and explains you in detail every step of the process. The owner of Globexs is Tiscar Navarro, a English speaking lawyer specialized in property investments. You need her!

First of all she screens the property that you are about to buy and makes sure that the investment is risk free.

Secondly she helps you through the Spanish administration: opening bank account, getting the NIE number, etc.

And thirdly she accompanies you to the notary when you sign the papers. Foreigner looking for an investment in Spain need a lawyer like Tiscar Navarro, without any doubt.

Why invest in Spain with Globexs - Blue Key?

Risk free investment

All apartments that we propose are fully screened and risk free.

Large offer

We work with licensed real estate agents in Valencia, Costa Blanca North and Costa Blanca South. We have hundreds of properties to show you: apartments, villas, chalets, etc... in all budgets.

Legal assistance

The Globexs GM and lawyer Tiscar Navarro helps with all the paperwork (contracts, NIE number, bank account,...) and accompanies you to the notary.

ROI rental income

Globexs publices your property and offers it on the short/medium term rental market.

Property management

Globexs takes care of everything: we do property management: maintenance, cleaning,etc.

How much do the Globexs - Blue Key services cost?

Globexs is not a real estate agency, but a service company to foreigners looking for an investment in Spain.

second home in spain

We bring you in touch with a network of real estate agents that offer the property you are looking for, and most importantly, we are lawyers: Once you have found your dream property we assist you through the paperwork.

The estate agents we work with charge between 3% and 5% of the salesprice (depending on the area), with a minimum of 3000 euro. You pay this 3-5% directly to the estate agent when you buy the property.

Globexs does not charge a commission to the buyer for the property hunting. Globexs only charges to the buyer the legal services that we offer.

The Globexs fee for the legal assistance starts from 1.500€ + VAT, and can go up to 1.5% of the salesprice, depending on the kind of property and the location. Very transparant, no hidden costs.

This is what you get 

1. application of  NOTA SIMPLE (The passport of the apartement)(included are 3 nota simples).
2. study if the apartment has no debts (water, electricity, cleaning building, etc.)
3. assistance with negotiations over price and conditions
4. opening bank account
5. assistance for the application NIE number (Numero identificación extranjero)
6. preparation of the compra-venta at the notary
7. assistance at the notary

The buyer pays 3-5% real estate commission when he buys a property, that is it. The first interview with the buyers is always free. 

No hidden costs, 100% transparancy

Invest in Spanish property right now…,

the timing is perfect! This is probably the best time to invest in Spanish property. The real estate crash in Spain has opened opportunities for foreign investors. The real estate prices have dropped significantly, making Spanish properties much more attractive than 5 years ago. Right now you can find your spot under the Valencian sun at very affordable prices.

Make money…,

Globexs will rent your property for short stays. We make sure that your investment generates money from the start. Globexs is specialized in short stay rentals in Valencia. We rent furnished appartments to expats and travelers for short/medium stays between 1 week and 6 months.

Assistance in your own language,...

We speak English, Dutch, Spanish, French and Valencian.

I already found a property, I only need a lawyer 

No problem. If you need legal assistance during the purchase of a property we offer you a full legal assistance service during the complete process of buying.

1. application of  NOTA SIMPLE (The passport of the apartement)(included are 3 nota simples).
2. study if the apartment has no debts (water, electricity, cleaning building, etc.)
3. assistance with negotiations over price and conditions
4. opening bank account
5. assistance with the application NIE number (Numero identificación extranjero)
6. preparation of the compra-venta at the notary
7. assistance at the notary


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